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  1. Probably the schools haven't started reviewing the mature applicants. I hope you will hear some good news soon!
  2. Yep I applied to a couple in Ontario. No news on those yet. Any idea if they will start processing applications in all categories at the same time? Fingers crossed for all of us!
  3. Thanks! Six+ years work experience, undergraduate cGPA around 3.7, LSAT 154, 167. I also have a master's - GPA around 3.8.
  4. Thank you! It was UBC in mid November. However I applied through the regular category (they didn't have a mature category if I remembered correctly), so I don't know if this would count as a contribution to the thread. Best of luck with your applications!
  5. Mature applicant. Admission from one of the schools I applied for so far and waiting on the rest.
  6. Received offer email this afternoon. GPA (WES assessment): 3.71/4.00 before drops LSAT: 167 International student. Congrats everyone!
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