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  1. -kaplan lsat premier. 2016-2017 -powerscore LR flashcards -practice tests 76 75 72 42-51 74 29-38 79 78 77 80 81 73 -powerscore lsat game training book $50 takes ALL - PM me if interested. Please note: you will need to spend some time erasing pencil marks, but the practice tests alone are worth more than $50, and the LR flashcards and game training booklet are very helpful practice tools!
  2. 7Sage is great -- I just used the logic games videos to train myself to do logic games, and I got a 161. Otherwise, I used practice tests and one other study guide book.
  3. I have several lsat materials (including practice tests) to give away. In toronto area.
  4. Rejected 153 161 3.43 no surprise!
  5. Is the schedule for L1 Monday o Friday?
  6. I received an offer from Western this past Thursday. I will accept! (153, 161 - 3.43 OLSAS GPA)
  7. Accepted 153 161 3.43 mature My goal school!
  8. Some input hereā€¦I got the same letter saying I would hear back late Feb and rc'd my acceptance about a week ago. So you never know.
  9. Accepted! 3.43 OLSAS 153 161 mature
  10. Hi everyone, Quick update: Just got in to TRU! I'm thrilled!
  11. Accepted to TRU 153 161 3.43(according to OLSAS)
  12. In today! 3.34 OLSAS GPA 1st LSAT: 153 2nd: 161 Mature Student Excited to see some of you there (although I'm waiting for more choices to make my final decision)
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