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  1. Refused as well. 3.78/4.3 GPA 164 LSAT. Have already decided to go elsewhere, but wanted to post in case it helps anyone to know my stats! Good luck!
  2. Wasn't meant to be. I was genuinely concerned that a sudden downward trend this semester could hurt.
  3. Looks like I’ll probabaly have about a 3.5 OLSAS GPA this semester. Given that this is lower than my cGPA, would this place my acceptance in jeopardy? Would the ad com be able to withdraw my acceptance and give it to someone who had a higher term GPA? There were no conditions attached to the offer letter I received and I have already accepted and paid the deposit. not including this term- cGPA 3.66. thanks!
  4. Officially waitlisted too: GPA with drops = 82.7 % LSAT = 164 index = 91.36 (I think) Replied to the email to withdraw, however, as I accepted elsewhere. Best of luck to everyone, it seems like the last index scores to be admitted were in the 91.5 range, so I imagine people will hear back soon.
  5. OASIS definitely updated first. I believe this was sometime between 9am and 9:30am, following by an email about an hour later.
  6. In this morning (offer date yesterday)! OLSAS cGPA: 3.66 L2: 3.73 LSAT: 164 Will be accepting! Good luck to everyone else waiting!
  7. Queue nov 15 LSAT 164 (Sept) cGPA 3.66 L2 3.75
  8. 3.71 B3 3.66 cGPA 164 LSAT No surprise. Honestly just relieved to finally know.
  9. Just declined my offer via email to Rose. Good luck to everyone else waiting !
  10. Just checked- I don't have this. Any chance you have some kind of flags on your transcript? I know that this is often required if applicants have dealt with academic misconduct issues.
  11. In queue since Nov. 15th 3.66 cGPA (3.75 L2) 164 LSAT Hoping for the next wave of offers!
  12. In queue since Nov. 15 LSAT: 164 GPA: 3.66 L2: 3.8
  13. Dal will take either your L2 or cGPA, whichever is higher.
  14. Anyone know how to go about declining an offer? Is it just a matter of emailing Rose?
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