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  1. For all special consideration applications? There must be a small number of they can do it all in a week.
  2. It's obvious you aren't. Find something better to do with your time on a Sunday night, rather than crap on Ryerson. It's just sad.
  3. Remember that they are completely sloshed with work. It's best just to leave a voicemail and email.
  4. I only found out about my acceptance from reading the communications. It says no active application
  5. Well. I honestly like all of you had not been checking. In 3.7 155
  6. I contacted them about it, they've yet to respond. I think they just haven't downloaded the information from OLSAS yet. I submitted my application September 1st.
  7. You're probably like me where it was one hell of a grind to get to 155. For me, it was the opposite, I scored well on RC, did mediocre on LR and bombed LG. You should honestly take it in January. Not PTing is the worst decision you can make. PTing is what will get you better over time, don't be afraid to start with doing time sections. Where you are not in school or working full time, you have a prime opportunity that most don't to study full time 5 days a week with a two day break.
  8. This depends on your category I called this morning and was told they wouldn't take past November unless you are in the general category.
  9. This depends if you have an LSAT on file and what category. Windsor doesn't, Manitoba doesn't and U Ottawa won't wait for a new score if you're rewriting.
  10. Be careful about this, I was told my January LSAT wasn't counted last year because I had a score on file and that some schools don't take the Jan LSAT. Make sure to check with your school.
  11. Thank you! I'll call them tomorrow! I was hoping they'd reply by email so i didn't pay the U.S calling fees!
  12. Is it just me or is there no option to write the LSAT in November in Ontario? I emailed LSAC two weeks ago and haven't received a response.
  13. I guess it was because I called before the cycle was over, it's frustrating that they would say otherwise in the emails.
  14. I think it's pretty fair to be irritable after this cycle. People paid money and It didn't make a lot of sense in regard to Ottawa U. Especially when they can't even provide feedback other than generalized replies targeted at everyone.
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