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  1. Which is why I still applied there and I had been in communication with some faculty.
  2. It wasn't just based on stats, it was based on directed study, my focus, etc. Which some of them did, I took the gamble and it didn't pay out, I'll definitely be broadening it out come this year. Trust me, if I could afford to apply to everyone of them, I would.
  3. I mean disagree all you want, if I don't have the money at the time i'm not going to make more debt than I have to. 1000 dollars was the norm, it's 200 dollars for a base application then 600 for the six schools, I spent 1000 across the board applying. Yeah, I hope that's it because I don't know what else it would be.
  4. I just want to say I didn't make the whole thing about that specific topic. I still referred to my academic achievements, why I would make a good candidate, etc. I didn't just explain my story, I explained how it made me stronger/resilient and drove me to work hard towards my goals. It was literally a small paragraph.
  5. Yeah but U of A doesn't have the coursework or faculty. My bad I should have made that more clear. Yeah I may switch that part out, I think I was just still in that masters mindset of outlining the project. I appreciate the info though thank you!
  6. Just to add, it's why I listed you the schools and their respective clinics to show the connection, I wasn't just saying I was going to randomly teach myself my own topic at a university with no relationship to that topic.
  7. Yes I did make parts of my personal statement about the benefit of directed research under a faculty member with relation to the topic and that the university offered course work on it.
  8. Ok, directed research is what I meant. My apologies. However, I always made sure they had a faculty member and courses based on the topic. I mean I mentioned I did the MA I know how this stuff works I just mixed up two words. That's why I gave the example of indigenous law and data issues.
  9. Like not core aspect of the program, just second and third year, like how Ottawa U has it's specializations etc. I wouldn't apply to a law school with "here let me do my own education" I would have done the Phd
  10. No it wasn't teach myself at all, it was allow you study an independent law subject. TRU lists that as one aspect of their program, like let's social media censorship and indigenous issues or something like that. Also, U of A doesn't have that option, Queens does with their clinic, Windsor does, I mean the ones I selected all did and I can link you the pages. I don't think we're on the same page from what I said. This would be elective stuff.
  11. Hey I appreciate the info, from the way it's worded that may be it. It's just frustrating because I want to know anything to not have this not reoccur. No but I made sure they had coursework and options to independently study on your own topic. TRU for instance allows you to do that and participate in the journal as a form of personal research.
  12. Two reasons, first, I don't have the money to spend the 1000+ dollars it would cost just to apply to all the Ontario schools when I also applied to the ones out in BC. It's why I tried to be strategic and chose a small group. Second, while my stats aren't bad, I doubt I would ever get into somewhere like U of T, I mean it was probably dumb of me to apply to Queen's this year, that's just me being realistic. No the LSAT absolutely will be easy to overcome now, I just struggle like hell with the logic games, I go max -5 in LR, and RC, when I got my LSAT back it was simply logic games that took me out. Without logic games I would have sat at a 160+ so I'm not worried to rewrite the LSAT, im confident i could be 158+ by September/October, it's just having to rewrite the thing. Yes, I get it, people have to write it more than twice sometimes, it's again, the costs are what's killing me. However, yeah, temporally, I am way off. Graduating 29/30 then articling is definitely not somewhere I want to be, that's fine for a lot of people who enjoyed their time before law school, but essentially at this point every year that goes by is another year im not doing what i want to do or love. (Insert Meme "Let me in, LET ME INNNN!) Yes, I know it's a tough shit situation, that's why I'm reapplying and venting on the internet. Honestly, if i'm going to guess, it's probably because of the niche law I made it out that I want to study, my personal statement aligned way more with a specific area of law that i'd like to study rather than a generalized statement. Mind you, I'm not even necessarily looking to be a lawyer my whole life, I want to be for some time in order to gain experience to become a legal consultant and researcher. However, it's kind of a cop out, i'd rather just hear im not the right fit for them and if it was something with my application, tell me, i'd rather fix it than just spin my wheels.
  13. Like I've said a few times. I am. I already have those god foresaken Bibles and the trainer out. Unless Windsor pulls a hail mary.
  14. Maybe, that's why I'm not demonizing them by any means, i generally am happy for them, nor do I feel entitled, I just wish I was part of the ones accepted. It was just hard seeing the stats for the entire 8 months and thinking it was a good sign I was going to get in but that's on me. Again, I'm just bitching about not getting in, I'm not ragging on anyone specifically, I just don't understand what I can do more other than rewrite the LSAT. I mean one of the schools literally responded I just wasn't the type of candidate they wanted and didn't even explain what that meant they just said it was a different year and that next year would be better. That's what makes this frustrating because I can't believe it would solely be my LSAT that ruined my application.
  15. I mean my dad died during exams of my first semester of my first year and my mother died in my third year during exams. It was a pretty horrible undergraduate experience. My first LSAT was 150, which I wrote 3 months after my mother passed then I went to a 155. Writing it a third time will probably get me to a 158ish because im going to have roughly 3 months to study from now to September. So yes I know it's the LSAT. The whole point was to negate that first shit LSAT, it's also why I'm abit frustrated when I see substantially lower LSATs getting accepted because yeah a 155 isn't the best but that paired with a 3.7 GPA after what I went through seemed like it should have meant something. Also I understand you're not trying to be negative specifically towards me but I never said that I wanted lower admission I applied access to address my first low LSAT. And yes, there absolutely is everything wrong with being behind. It's not about being old during school, I don't care about that, it's the fact the Canadian legal market is getting oversaturated every year, and I'd rather not be 170k in debt and have to wait 3 years just to article.
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