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  1. 3.7 out 4 155 MA 4.0 Excellent ECs, work experience and references.
  2. I called a few days ago and I was told something similar, basically that I'd know soon enough. I think it means we will find out when they release the next waves of acceptances, rejections, and waitlist notifications. Here's hoping.
  3. And that's what they said last cycle. Cheers.
  4. Was waitlisted last year. 3.7 GPA 155 LSAT access. Can't say I'm surprised.
  5. I mean it lets the rest of us know more people are being accepted?
  6. Yeah, I went into queue last week, and i'm pretty much expecting the same.
  7. Was expecting it, still kind of disappointed but it wasn't a top choice. LSAT 155 Undergrad CGPA 3.8 Master's GPA 4.0 Excellent Ecs, excellent LORs, confident in my personal statement. Discretionary.
  8. Belay my last message, i'm now referred to adcoms.
  9. While I would like to look at that as a positive, it really isn't. They haven't gone through half of the 2000 people and they already accepted people off an early waitlist. It doesn't really bode well, but i'm a pessimist.
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