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  1. They told me that in March, April, and May. Trust me, you're not alone in your anxiety.
  2. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel, when I heard it I was like "Yes, i'm almost there!"
  3. My issue was that your advice was based on my comments that you completely lied about. No one has said woe is me, no one said they weren't going to go to law school because of family or life, so don't say you're offended when those statements weren't even made. And thanks man, as someone who lost both his parents during his undergrad, worked through all of it to get a good scholarship for a masters, work my LSAT up to a 155 only to be rejected, i'm glad that means I talk to much. Yeah, i'm going to bitch because it hurts, I'm reapplying, rewriting the LSAT and hopefully I'll get in next year. Your comment was completely unnecessary.
  4. So i've gone through all the rejection posts in this thread and literally no one made the statements that you said they made and it's pretty obvious you're referring to the statements I made, the statements that i specifically said I wouldn't be giving up, but that I was frustrated that after everything i had been through to still be rejected. It's so arrogant that you think people are just sitting here and wallowing and they haven't already taken measures to ask what they could have improved, I did the minute i got the rejection and i'll even screen shot it for you with a time stamp. And again, no one even said they wouldn't go to law school because they had to start a family, I said it would suck to be 30, and have to be thinking of big life decisions like starting a family when i was finally working, and before this i literally said I would still be reapplying. So please, actually read the full comments instead of trying to make some inspiring post that didn't even have the correct information. We all understand the sacrifice.
  5. No one on this forum so far has said "woe is me," there is frustration absolutely but please show me where people have said "woe is me" No one is quitting either, and no has said they wouldn't contact the schools about improving. Also, no one has said they wouldn't go to school because they wanted to start a family or put their life on hold. I'm not sure where you took these comments from and make sure to remember people are venting but no one has said or done any of things you suggested they did.
  6. After having both my parents die during my undergrad, keeping a 3.7 out of 4.0 GPA having a 4.0 Masters with two scholarships participating in every EC i could in university, and having 7 years of work experience. Yeah I'm a bit salty my 155 is apparently the issue. Especially when I applied in access.
  7. I mean it's a bit of an issue when people with significantly lower LSATs and GPAs have been getting acceptances.
  8. So is it just going to get worse from now on? I don't know what else I can do with a 3.7 CGPA and 155 LSAT, sure I can retake the LSAT and get to to a 158 but was that ever going to really make the difference with thousands of applicants each cycle. I literally got turned down from everywhere and i'm just waiting on Windsor, which after this cycle, i'm more than positive is a rejection.
  9. Those were most likely those who were waitlisted and I haven't been waitlisted and judging from the current waitlist my chances are not good if that's what it comes to.
  10. My issue is that it's already half way through June. I just don't want to find out that they made the decision to reject months ago and are just going to send it out now.
  11. My fear is that they've already made the decision and they're just waiting to send all the rejections out in one large wave because there are barely any rejections for a school that had well over 3k applicants.
  12. I've been referred to adcoms since the beginning of March, i've tried calling with no answer and I just want to know if the decision has already been made and i'm just waiting for it? Does anyone have any insight? This wait has been horrible. UCGPA 3.7 MA 4.0 LSAT 155 Lots of ECs Excellent References 7 years of work experience. Filled in the special circumstances.
  13. Because U of A doesn't really offer any room for independent academic study, all the law schools I applied to in Canada either had a self research option or the specialization I wanted.
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