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    Regional Salaries

    With the recent threads on salary bumps in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc, not to mention the availability of information for big firm compensation in these centres (NALP, this website), I thought it would be beneficial to articling students and young lawyers to compile some anecdotal information on articling and 1st year+ associate salaries for smaller shops that are regional in a sense. For example, the BC interior (Kelowna, Kamloops), southern Alberta (Lethbridge, Medicine Hat), and northern Ontario (Thunderbay). The only information I have been able to find for salaries in these locations has been one firm on NALP in BC's interior along with a spattering of random posts. I think this may provide students and young associates with at least a general range of salaries if/when they are confronted with negotiating their compensation – a part of the business of law that law school does not teach. Obviously, the inclusion of the firm's size and specialty (if any) would be quite helpful. All this goes without saying that I understand that compensation by smaller shops is highly variable on a number of different things (work flow, overhead, location..), but I still feel that compiling information such as this would be, generally speaking, beneficial to young lawyers. In the alternative, I am looking for information on articling and young associate compensation in the BC interior for firms with 6-10 lawyers, specifically Kamloops or Kelowna. Again, the only information that I can find for this region is one firm on NALP (which I don't think is representative of a firm of 6-10 lawyers) and a 2012 post on this website (hopefully that hyperlink works). Any similar updated information to the hyperlinked thread would be greatly appreciated, either via PM or in response to this post. And while I found @kurrika's posts helpful, more situation specific information would be appreciated. My apologies if my search skills have proven to be sub par and I missed a post(s) that already cover these topics!