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  1. defence

    Moving from Defence to Crown

    Yeah for sure! I only referred to them as "less desirable" as that's how people tend to describe them but I feel like it'd be kinda cool. Small town feel, etc. Thanks for your input!
  2. defence

    Moving from Defence to Crown

    Thanks so much for your response! I am definitely open to moving to less "desirable" locations. yeah the whole time frame thing was one of my concerns as well. I may be doing my own thing for a little while before postings come out for the Crown. Thank you for your input and advice! I really appreciate it
  3. defence

    Moving from Defence to Crown

    Amazing! Thanks. I know how to find jobs at Alberta Justice already, but wasn't really sure about BC. Thank you so much for the help!
  4. defence

    Moving from Defence to Crown

    Got it. Thank you for your insight!
  5. defence

    Moving from Defence to Crown

    Hahah, well I did apply there for articles, just didn't work out for me. I have enjoyed defence so far, but I think I am better suited to work for the Crown.
  6. defence

    Moving from Defence to Crown

    Awesome! That's great to hear. I was wondering a bit about the recruitment process.. Would I apply after I am officially done articling or would I start applying closer to call, etc. If you know, I'd love to get your advice!!
  7. Hello Everyone - Just looking for some general advice. I am currently articling in criminal defence in Alberta. My employer has not yet given me a firm offer of being hired back as an associate, but have made some comments on me starting up my own practice once I am called. This scares the crap out of me to say the least. I want to start looking for an associate job, or ideally, would like to apply to work with the Crown. I've spoken to a couple of people that work out of the Provincial Crown's in Calgary and they have told me that a willingness to relocate is the best way for me to taken seriously as a good candidate. Now I am totally willing to move around in Alberta if that means that I could potentially get a job with the Crown, but I am wondering if anyone else has any experience with doing this (defence -> Crown). I want to get a feel for the likelihood and/or mere possibility of this even happening so any input would be greatly appreciated.