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  1. Just wondering if anyone can provide some insight into the best way to use vacation days during the articling period? I will begin articling next year and will have a total of 10 days/2 weeks of vacation. Is it better to take the entirety of the vacation time at once, split it up into one-week vacations, or another method? I understand this will largely depend on how busy the firm is, but any insight is appreciated.
  2. On that note...a number of Vancouver firms that had starting salaries of 94k moved up to 98k
  3. Hoping to get some advice/insight for my situation. I will be working at the Vancouver office of a national law firm this upcoming summer. My ultimate goal, however, is to end up working in Toronto. I'm curious when would be the best time to transfer/when I would likely be more successful – article in Toronto or lateral over as an associate? And, would my chances be better if I stay within the national firm I am already working in or to apply to other Toronto firms (only asking this, because I know that Vancouver offices hate flight-risk individuals)? Also, if I article in Vancouver, would my chances of working in Toronto be better if I write the Ontario Bar?
  4. Given the recent talks about Toronto associate salary bumps, is there any chance those talks might trickle over and impact the Vancouver market? I've noticed that, unlike Toronto, there seems to be less of a consistent starting salary for associates at large Vancouver firms (ranging from $87k to $110k). Anybody have any insight whether associate salaries in Vancouver might receive a bump of its own or if we're looking at the salary to remain fairly static for the next few years?
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