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  1. What is the salary of a first year solicitor at the city of toronto?
  2. Have Rochon Genova, Toronto Hydro or RBC offered interviews?
  3. Did anyone else interviewing with McCarthy get an email from their CEO? Did you reply?
  4. I had no idea that permanent residents were supposed to submit copies of the PR Cards to OLSAS. None of the document checklists for the schools I applied to listed a PR Card. It was only when I was looking through the email from U of T that I saw that I had to submit a PR Card. I submitted my application in early October and really thought I had done everything I needed to do. I've just submitted front and back copies of my PR Card by SAM on OLSAS to all of my schools (U of T, Queens, Western, Osgoode, Ottawa and Windsor). How badly have I messed up? I plan to call all the schools and plead with them, I had no idea I had to submit the PR card because it wasn't listed on any school's website as part of the required documents.
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