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  1. I got in in a previous year with stats slightly lower than that so I would imagine you've got a good chance!
  2. I think these are the kind of stats that will get waitlisted and then accepted very late into the summer but yes if you can even improve your last by three points you have a very decent shot
  3. You have a decent chance of getting in later in the cycle or off the waitlist
  4. Indeed wikipedia has all of this information with just a quick Google search
  5. Yes if you indicate that you're retaking they will wait and consider your application with the retake score
  6. I would say in everywhere except Osgoode. I got into Ottawa with fairly similar stats.
  7. I would recommend rewriting, if you email the schools and ask them to wait, some of them will actually wait to make a decision once they receive your January lsat
  8. In my experience, unless your ECs are truly unique, it won't make or break your application
  9. I know quite a few people off the top of my head that went to McGill and had no issues going through the OCI process and securing positions
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