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  1. Thanks friends, any recommendations for some high value ECs?
  2. I am in a 3 year program yes, but I'm taking 1 extra semester to complete it.
  3. The bare minimum as far as I know to apply out of my undergrad is after completing 60 credits (or in my final year?) I am going to take more than a year to complete my undergrad, however after this semester I will have completed 61 out of 90 credits. My question is whether or not it is worth applying, I was under the impression it would be really hard to get in given I'm in undergrad and have not yet completed it. I don't have anything extraordinary going for me, no LSAT, bad ECs, average GPA (3.95/4.3), I don't know much about the application process at all, I suppose I need to find some people willing to give LOR's and work on a PS obviously. The reason I'm asking if it's worth applying is because I definitely intend on improving my CV, EC's, etc. However, I was unsure if applying now would hurt my chances later. Also, I'm fairly emotional so I also thought that if I applied when eligible and got rejected I think it would really hurt my self esteem. What are your thoughts? Should I be applying now and every semester thereafter if I get rejected or only once I improve my application? Edit: I also wanted to ask as a side note, should I absolutely write the LSAT? I suppose I do intend on applying to law schools outside of McGill, however I have a VERY strong preference for not wanting to move out of the city.
  4. I'm sorry if I'm not understanding you, but it was my understanding that I can apply any time after 60 credits and should I be accepted, it would be conditional upon me completing my degree, am I wrong?
  5. Thanks for your response, I appreciate it very much. Why do you think I should wait for my final year rather than applying after 60 credits? Also, I understand the more work/volunteer the better, but do you think it's too late for me if I have almost nothing at this point? Will a year of work actually change much?
  6. Hi, I apologize if any of these questions are answered elsewhere, I'm just planning on applying and I'm very nervous about the whole process. 1) I'm currently a second year student at Concordia, I am on pace to graduate in 3.5 years for my undergrad taking 4 classes per semester. Is this a concern with Law? I wasn't sure if they required me to graduate in 3 years. 2) I also currently have a 3.81/4.3 GPA. What is the best way to convert this to the 4.0 scale? I initially thought I was doing okay, but now I am worried that it will drop significantly after being converted. 3) Additionally, I sadly have little to no work experience or ECs. Ideally I wanted to apply right when I was eligible to (after completing 60 credits), so I'm not sure if I am pressed for time to build my resume a bit, but I'm not really sure where to go from here, as I know Law programs strongly take into account those things when reviewing applications. 4) I understand I can apply at 60 credits, if accepted I would have to complete my undergrad. Having said this, considering all things are equal with my GPA and resume, are they more likely to give an acceptance after I apply when completing the program or more likely to give a conditional acceptance at 60 credits? Thanks!
  7. I plan on applying to McGill law from business school. I have a couple of DISCs due to medical reason. I initially planned on taking around 4 courses a semester and a couple in the summer and graduating in 3.5-4 years and applying to McGill law afterwards. I'm also considering going into co-op, so this may prolong my degree even further. My question is, as long as I get my undergrad with a good GPA, will the length it took me to get my degree have an impact on whether or not I get in?
  8. Alright so if anyone can point me in the direction of some sort of guide or template that would be great but as far as I can tell I need to have strong: -GPA -ECs - Letter of recommendations I am currently doing my undergrad but I wanted to apply before I finished (when I have 60 credits completed) and I had a couple of questions that I didn't know where else to go, so I decided to post here 1) I did far more ECs when I was younger, I may not be doing a lot of them anymore, does it matter when I did them? 2) I not only have 2 DISCs (due to medical reason) but I am taking extra semesters and summer classes, how important is this when they review my application that I am not taking full loads every semester? 3) Since I want to apply after having 60 credits done, what is the likeliness from past applications that I would be accepted on the condition of completing my undergrad vs being outright rejected? 4) How do they evaluate my French? Is it rare they conduct bilingual tests/interviews on candidates? 5) I have some years of work experience, but they have mostly been crappy student jobs, nothing that pertains to any professional field really. How useful/hurtful can this be?
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