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  1. i have 10 classes left to do. I'd like to do 4 in the fall, 4 in the winter, 2 in the summer so I can be done in time to start at McGill next Fall should I get accepted. Is it appropriate to McGill or would they like me to be finished before the summer? How will this impact my application?
  2. Is it normal for people to be recieving refusals/acceptances so late? The deadline was what, November? And people are getting responses from McGill in the summer, 3 months away from the start of the semester?
  3. Wow .... from someone applying in the coming fall this is truly scary
  4. I plan on applying to McGill this fall, however the main thing I'd say I have going for myself is my GPA. Having said that, besides some sports stuff my EC's are very poor. Is a summer full of full time work and volunteering sufficient to leave a good impression on McGill, you think? Also does anyone have any suggestions for EC's I can look out for that will look the best to McGill considering I only have the summer to prepare?
  5. Thanks for replying. I'm studying accountancy, so I'm in JMSB, my GPA is really close to a 4.0, but my concern is how that will convert on the 4.0 scale that McGill uses. I would assume that in JMSB it's a little more difficult to get above 4.0 every semester than some other degrees, but I'm not sure. I would just like to know the method they use to convert from 4.3 to 4.0
  6. I'm currently in my undergrad, however I didn't do so well in one of my classes. By no means did I fail, but I know I can 100% do better, I was considering re-taking it in the summer, as it's my understanding that Concordia will replace my CGPA with that grade. However, the old grade obviously stays on my transcript. How does this look to McGill? If boosting my GPA won't help my chances because it's a repeat class then obviously I don't want to do it. I know 100% I will do better on the second try in the summer.
  7. Thanks friends, any recommendations for some high value ECs?
  8. I am in a 3 year program yes, but I'm taking 1 extra semester to complete it.
  9. The bare minimum as far as I know to apply out of my undergrad is after completing 60 credits (or in my final year?) I am going to take more than a year to complete my undergrad, however after this semester I will have completed 61 out of 90 credits. My question is whether or not it is worth applying, I was under the impression it would be really hard to get in given I'm in undergrad and have not yet completed it. I don't have anything extraordinary going for me, no LSAT, bad ECs, average GPA (3.95/4.3), I don't know much about the application process at all, I suppose I need to find some people willing to give LOR's and work on a PS obviously. The reason I'm asking if it's worth applying is because I definitely intend on improving my CV, EC's, etc. However, I was unsure if applying now would hurt my chances later. Also, I'm fairly emotional so I also thought that if I applied when eligible and got rejected I think it would really hurt my self esteem. What are your thoughts? Should I be applying now and every semester thereafter if I get rejected or only once I improve my application? Edit: I also wanted to ask as a side note, should I absolutely write the LSAT? I suppose I do intend on applying to law schools outside of McGill, however I have a VERY strong preference for not wanting to move out of the city.
  10. I'm sorry if I'm not understanding you, but it was my understanding that I can apply any time after 60 credits and should I be accepted, it would be conditional upon me completing my degree, am I wrong?
  11. Thanks for your response, I appreciate it very much. Why do you think I should wait for my final year rather than applying after 60 credits? Also, I understand the more work/volunteer the better, but do you think it's too late for me if I have almost nothing at this point? Will a year of work actually change much?
  12. Hi, I apologize if any of these questions are answered elsewhere, I'm just planning on applying and I'm very nervous about the whole process. 1) I'm currently a second year student at Concordia, I am on pace to graduate in 3.5 years for my undergrad taking 4 classes per semester. Is this a concern with Law? I wasn't sure if they required me to graduate in 3 years. 2) I also currently have a 3.81/4.3 GPA. What is the best way to convert this to the 4.0 scale? I initially thought I was doing okay, but now I am worried that it will drop significantly after being converted. 3) Additionally, I sadly have little to no work experience or ECs. Ideally I wanted to apply right when I was eligible to (after completing 60 credits), so I'm not sure if I am pressed for time to build my resume a bit, but I'm not really sure where to go from here, as I know Law programs strongly take into account those things when reviewing applications. 4) I understand I can apply at 60 credits, if accepted I would have to complete my undergrad. Having said this, considering all things are equal with my GPA and resume, are they more likely to give an acceptance after I apply when completing the program or more likely to give a conditional acceptance at 60 credits? Thanks!
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