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  1. I filled out my housing application for York Apartments with the understanding that I would get a unit in Osgoode Chambers (law students are guaranteed a unit in Osgoode Chambers). In the section where they ask you to list your 2 choices for which style of unit you would like, it gave the option of a furnished one bedroom as well as an option for an unfurnished one bedroom. I have my own furniture so I want to list an unfurnished one bedroom as my first choice. Everything I've read and seen seems to indicate that Osgoode Chambers only has furnished units (please correct me if I'm wrong). If this is true, would that mean that I would get a unit that is not in Osgoode Chambers if I chose to take an unfurnished one bedroom? Any clarification would be appreciated.
  2. FYI.... My brother goes to U of T and lives at Dundas & University which is on the university subway line. His rent for a very small one bedroom is $2100.00/mnth. The area around St. Clair station (Bathurst and St. Clair) has quite a few newer condos, is more economical and is closer to Osgoode (within 30 minutes would be my guess).
  3. Would there be any need for a colour laser printer or should I just stick to a black and white one?
  4. OASIS was first, email was in my inbox the next morning
  5. Thank you, that's very helpful
  6. I wanted to ask if anyone has any info on how the parking works at York. 1) Are law students allowed to park in the reserved lots? 2) Are law students allowed to park in lot 82 (Nelson Lot) specifically? 3) Are parking spots readily available? Any info would be appreciated. I'm trying to decide on whether to commute (30 minute drive) from home or look at getting a place within walking distance to the law school. Public transit from my home is difficult.
  7. Accepted today cGPA 3.90 LSAT 158 extensive ECs, strong LORs 4th year undergrad Ontario resident Will be accepting, good luck everyone
  8. Thanks for all the responses. I'm leaning towards Golden Triangle
  9. Thanks for this. Where would you recommend living if you were going to live off campus? Ideally, I'd be most interested in a 1 bedroom apartment (no room mates).
  10. it was November 24th (note: my LSAT score was from September 2017)
  11. Accepted GPA: 4.19/4.3 (not sure how drops, last 10 credits etc... factor in) LSAT: 158 Strong ECs and LORs Ontario Resident 4th year undergrad
  12. Accepted on Friday OLSAS GPA: 3.85 B2/L2: 3.90 LSAT: 158 Very strong ECs and LORs Ontario Resident 4th year undergrad
  13. I'm an Ontario resident interested in practicing health law in Ontario. I understand that Dalhouise has an excellent health law specialization option which is formally recognized on your transcript/degree but, I also understand that it's better to go to law school where you eventually want to work. I've been accepted to both schools and I'm trying to decide. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. In as well, received the email this morning: cGPA: 3.85 L2/B2: 3.9 LSAT: 158 Very strong ECs and letters of recommendation. 4th year undergrad at an Ontario University Ontario Resident
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