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  1. Thanks! My overall GPA was terrible as I failed my first year-OLSAS calculated 2.9/4.0. My GPA for UVic was 3.85/4.33 (they drop the lowest 30 credits), for U of A and Dalhousie it was 4.05/4.33 (last 2 years only).
  2. I got into UofA, UVic, Dalhousie this year with 159. Good luck! :)
  3. JDee21

    Taking September 2018 - Chances for 2019?

    I got in late (end of July) this year with a 159 and 3.85 gpa (w/ drops). A higher LSAT score would help but you may get in without it.
  4. JDee21

    Waistlist - 2018

    I am withdrawing in favour of UVic. Was accepted in early January. Hope one of you gets in-good luck!
  5. JDee21

    1L Schedule up on Beartracks!

    Just saw my schedule and earliest class is 9 am with no class on Fridays! So happy with it.
  6. JDee21

    Waitlist 2018

    Just received an offer this afternoon. My stats (as mentioned earlier) are LSAT: 159, GPA (with drops, self-calculated): 3.85/4.33, L2: 4.01/4.33. I was originally 38th on the waitlist. I am unsure of whether or not I will be accepting as I have already paid 1000 dollars at U of A. I have until August 2nd to respond to the offer.
  7. JDee21

    Apartment hunting

    Hey! I was recently in Edmonton (Iā€™m from Vancouver) to look for an apartment. I stayed for the weekend, scheduled most of my apartment tours for Saturday and two for Sunday as some landlords were not available on Saturday. I had six tours total. I ended up paying the deposit for my apartment at the end of the tour and had the lease agreement emailed to me to complete and return. I would schedule tours immediately, though, as a lot of the best places are already full or almost full. I ended up picking a place on Whyte that is within walking distance to school. Hope this helps-good luck with your apartment hunting
  8. JDee21

    Ask a 1L 2018

    @setto Thank you for being so thorough-this makes me less anxious. On the CANs and cold calling-seems like I have been speaking to my friend at an American law school too much hah
  9. JDee21

    Ask a 1L 2018

    Hey, thanks for doing this. I am looking forward to 1L but also a little nervous. 1. Any advice for incoming first years after finishing 1L? 2. Where did you choose to live (i.e. Whyte, Downtown, on campus) and would you pick the same area again? 3. What did you do to prepare for 1L-if anything-and is there anything you wish you had done to prepare for 1L? 4. Are there any extracurriculars you wish you had been involved with/suggest getting involved with? 5. Do you have any study advice? For example, spending more or less time on case briefs/focusing more or less on preparing for cold calling/starting your outline for exams earlier or towards the end of semester when you have learned everything?
  10. JDee21

    Waitlist 2018

    38th on the waitlist. Surprised that I am that low on the list, considering how non-competitive I considered my stats. Congratulations to all that have been admitted off the list so far!
  11. JDee21

    Waitlist 2018

    I just received the wait list email. LSAT: 159 GPA (with drops, self-calculated): 3.85/4.33 L2: 4.01/4.33
  12. JDee21


    Hi All, The Law website says all first year students who have accepted their offers are considered for scholarships as long as they fill out the scholarship application which will be sent via email in June, and complete the application by the deadline in August. However, one poster on the Accepted thread said scholarship offers are already rolling out-has anyone already received a scholarship? Any insight is appreciated!
  13. I asked UVic's Law Admissions office about this approximately one year ago. Below is the email response I received. Based on the email, you would have 30 credits dropped. The minimum academic requirement for admission to UVic Law is 45 UVic equivalents (90 credits) leading towards a bachelor's degree. The degree does not have to be completed prior to admission to law school, but there must be a logical progression from first to second to third and fourth year courses. We use all courses completed at the time of evaluation in calculating GPA and update the calculation if additional courses are completed during the fall semester. Depending upon the number of units or credits completed, we will eliminate some of the worst grades from the GPA calculation, according to an established sliding scale (see chart below). It does not matter when the worst grades were achieved. These grades could be from first, second, third or fourth year. Courses taken through distance education and during summer sessions would be included in your GPA. We do not consider performance based courses in your GPA calculation. If you have taken university or college courses at more than one institution, you must submit transcripts from each of those institutions, so that the courses can be included in your GPA calculation. During the year that you apply for law school, it is important that you submit updated transcripts after you complete the fall semester, so that any additional discount (if applicable) can be applied and your GPA can be updated. The document deadline, including updated fall transcripts, isMarch 1. Please email them to ([email protected]). Accumulated Units Units Discounted 48 ā€“ 51.9 3 52 ā€“ 57.9 6 58 ā€“ 63.9 9 64-69.9 12 70 or more 15 Accumulated Credits Credits Discounted 96 - 103.9 6 104 - 115.9 12 116 - 127.9 18 128 - 139.9 24 140 or more 30 Credits accumulated are courses you have received a grade for. When we evaluate the GPA for applicants who have taken a course more than once, we use both grades in the evaluation. However, depending upon the total number of units/credits taken, we will discount some of the worst grades from your GPA calculation. For example, on a four-year degree (60 units/120 credits) we will eliminate 9 units/18 credits of the worst grades. Consequently, if you are repeating a course and you are in a position where you are eligible for the discount, then the first grade of the repeated course may be eliminated if it is one of your worst grades. However, if you are not eligible for a discount, repeating courses has the effect of averaging the two grades for the same course. To get an idea of where your GPA might fall on that scale, please see the grade conversion chart on the bottom of page 2 on the attached Resources for Law School Students sheet. GPA is weighted 50% and LSAT is weighted 50% in our evaluation process. Your personal statement may also be taken into account during the application assessment process. The ranges of GPAs and LSAT scores that are competitive in any given year are determined by a number of factors. Foremost of these factors is the quality of the applicant pool. If we receive a large number of applications from people with very high GPAs and LSAT scores, admission in that year is going to be more competitive. Generally, to be a competitive law school applicant, you need an A-/A average and an LSAT score around 160 or better. However, if you have a really high LSAT score, you may be admitted with a GPA that is lower than an A- and vice versa. To give you an idea of what has been competitive in the most recent admission cycle, please consult the First Year Class Demographics-Regular Category chart.
  14. JDee21

    Advice on GPA

    I took a graduate course for fun after finishing with my undergraduate degree and asked admissions if they would include the mark and they did. So I believe they will accept credits outside your degree. I would call them to confirm.
  15. For me it was about a week and a half. I'm a BC resident.