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  1. So I'm wondering how the selection process for the clinics/intensives at Osgoode and U of T work. Are they merit-based, chosen by lottery? Also, how would selection for something like this work: https://www.law.utoronto.ca/course/clinical-legal-education-health-justice-initiative-clinical-placement. First come first serve? Thank you in advance!!
  2. @tazmot No worries. I called them today and asked if the scores had been sent to the schools yet. I was told they hadn't been and she couldn't tell me exactly when they would be. I asked if they'd be sent by the end of the month and she said yes.
  3. @ProdXO Yeah - mine is too but apparently they haven't sent them to the unis yet. You must've gotten in based on your September LSAT score, if I were to guess. Congratulations!!
  4. @ProdXO was the December LSAT the only LSAT you wrote? I ask because I was told the December LSAT scores weren't sent out to the schools yet. Thanks!
  5. Hi there. Just got my LSAT score back and am wondering what people think my odds are for the following schools: Queens, Osgoode, and U of T. I'd like to stay in Toronto (Osgoode/U of T). And I'm hoping my stats are competitive for U of T. I don't think I can do better than a 165 on the LSAT. Thank you!!
  6. @pascal how does one go about checking for errors?
  7. Does anyone know why my GPA on OLSAS dropped as compared to the GPA posted on my transcript?
  8. @Ryn ahhh okay. Thank you!! Will try now.
  9. Average: NaN Cumulative GPA (CGPA): NaN Last two years (L2): NaN Last three years (L3): NaN Best two years (B2): NaN Best three years (B3): NaN
  10. I've tried using this: http://lsutil.azurewebsites.net/CGPA/Index , as recommended by some in other threads, but it is not working for me? Thank you!
  11. I had 3 LR sections. 1 was quite easy, 1 was hard, and one was less hard. LG was decent. RC also pretty decent. Wondering how @butfirstcoffee found out about the experimental?
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