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  1. Waitlisted on 29th. My 2bd year in a row. Gearing up for the long waiting game. Mature student. 160 lst. Part B.
  2. Similar boat. Made to queue March 4th. (Last year made to queue Dec 4, then waitlist..to which I never made it off of). Same stats.
  3. Me too. March 4 queue, part B. :)
  4. Hi guys..having same problem. I wrote above that they said to give it another couple of days. 🤷‍♀️
  5. Haha already got a response...said to give it another day or so. Arrgh. Guess I'll wait until Monday to contact again if still doesnt work.
  6. No. It has now been 24 hours, so I guess I will contact them.
  7. Yesterday Osgoode told they did not send me an email because they only had some documents and were missing my actual application components. They did admit that applications were still coming in. They said if I had not received an email by Friday, to contact them. I then emailed Olsas..they said that everything has now been sent to all schools, that they must have everything and its not uploaded yet . Today I received my confirmation email. My Olsas does not let me sign in yet. So hopefully that will work tomorrow. If not. I'll contact them again.
  8. Yeah..the admissions are early this year..but Osgoode is still uploading all of the applications. If you dont get a confirmation email tomorrow..contact them. I did that's how I know. (True. I would have thought admissions would start once all are in)
  9. If your able to sign into Oasis, it will tell you you're in queue, when you're actually in queue.
  10. Thanks..I think I remember seeing your name on last year's posts. Good luck this time around!
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