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  1. Hello everyone, I really appreciate all of the feedback, and all of the encouragement as well, that means a lot and has motivated me further. I completely forgot to mention that I applied through access/special categories, where possible. After having a psycho-educational assessment done after 1st year, some issues were uncovered which rendered me eligible for those categories. I don't know how much of a difference that fact makes but I thought it was important to let you know. For everyone asking about my previous two LSAT attempts, yes I screwed up, but I did not put in nearly as much as time as I needed to, I got really consumed at school (wrote in December and Februrary) and put in way less hours than needed. I believe I rushed February as well without taking the time to study much at all, I barely went through reading comp or logic games and was heavily focused on logical reasoning because I was short on time. I realize that was a huge mistake, and I should've just held off on it. I am glad that there is potential to improve, I believe I can certainly bring my logic games and logical reasoning sections up with much more focused studying. As somebody suggested, my plan is to get the basic 7sage course, use the LSAT trainer, and go through all 30 preptests that I have bought. Please let me know if anybody has any further feedback or advice, thanks again!
  2. Hello, I wanted to ask for advice regarding my situation. I just finished up my final year in April and my OLSAS CGPA is hard to predict but it could be under 3.0 just around the 2.9 mark. My last two year will come out to 3.48 (which I also know is not ideal). I really messed up this last semester by taking some difficult courses. I also wrote the LSAT twice without proper preparation and scored 142 and 144. I believe I can do better by dedicating much more time over the summer, with the aim of writing in September. While I know my stats suck a lot, I was wondering if I did much better on the LSAT would I have a chance at schools like Queens and Western (or really anywhere in Canada to be honest) for example? I applied to ten schools and have had 5 rejections so far and no word from the other 5 yet. If I don't get in this year (which is highly likely), what would you suggest? I am also considering the UK route in case because if I can't get in here, I think it might be better to get started somewhere at least. My reference letters and personal statements were good I think as I have some interesting extra-curricular activities and such that I spoke of. I appreciate any help and feedback in advance!
  3. Great, I will go ahead and do that. Thanks so much!
  4. Hello all, I cannot believe I am writing on this forum after using this website for years to get countless answers to my questions about the application process and specific schools. My question is if I did a course at a another university with a letter of permission during one summer, am I required to list it as an institution attended on the application? It says on OLSAS that I can still add an institution even though I have submitted my application already. Thank you in advance!
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