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  1. Don't listen to these people, they don't know what they're talking about. I'm going to law school this year but my friend applied and got accepted to UofA two years ago. He decided, last minute, after paying both deposits, to go to UofC instead so he wouldn't have to pay rent (by staying at his parents' place). After all, the rent money he saves over the 3 years would far outway the $1000 in tuition deposits he paid. When he didn't show up on day 1 at UofA, they started emailing him, then calling him, then finally, they started sending people to his house. The way he described it to me over the phone, from the first person they sent, who was already quite rude and aggressive, each time he rejected their calls, another more aggressive agent was sent. When they sent a man who banged on his door and who, according to him, looked exactly like Dog the Bounty Hunter, mullet, idiotic sunglasses and all, holding a lasso and a bottle of bearspray, he knew he had to get help. Unfortunately, when he called the police, they sided with the University and when he called his lawyer, he cited the archaic law, a remnant of a British document from when the church controlled basically all the education, that allowed the University to do anything necessary to retain the student following two deposit checks. Long story short, he's hiding in India. He forged his travel documents and one day, just left. The only reason I can tell you this story is because he is extremely confident that India won't extradite him and that the bounty hunters will not find him based on what vague information I am providing. We still chat occasionally but, as he settles in India permanently, it's become harder and harder for our schedules to align, for us to keep in touch. As for his parents? They ended up paying the full tuition and they're still being harassed weekly. Once they were sent a package that contained a plush macaque with and a note that read, "people get lost in India ;)." An idle threat but his mother hasn't had a good night's rest since.
  2. NxtEpisode

    University of Alberta vs University of Victoria

    Well you guys have been fantastic, thanks for the information! In particular, I found the argument that there will be more opportunities for my career path in Edmonton quite convincing. As for the social support system, I value it in my life, especially when it comes to my girlfriend. I've been leaning towards staying at the UofA since I made this post. It seems more reasonable now that I'm less panicked. Thanks again!
  3. NxtEpisode

    University of Alberta vs University of Victoria

    Absolutely true however, do you believe that the difference in education between these two institutions is negligible when it comes to civil/human rights education and involvement? From what I've gathered, basically all the law schools in Canada are solid and will provide me with a good legal education but that doesn't mean that one is not better than the other, especially when we're examining specifics like curriculum focus and whatnot. Hence, the request for a comparison between the two. As for debt and happiness, UofA will certainly minimize debt and I love my girlfriend and my dog, they will certainly keep me happy. Though, in the long run, fulfilling my dream of becoming an important member of my community through vigorous civil service and humanitarian support will bring me fulfillment and contentment (or so I think). Thanks for your reply!
  4. Just got an email from Janet Person today informing me that I've gone from rank 47 to 19 on their wait list. I have a lot of anxiety about getting accepted into the UVic... I've already deposited a non-refundable $1,000 towards the UofA, my girlfriend and I have already made plans for accommodations, which includes bringing my dog up to Edmonton to live with us, and I have already been approved for student loans from the Gov. of Alberta. What's more is that my girlfriend probably won't come with me if I get into UVic meaning I will have no friends, no family, no real support group in Victoria. On the other hand, I'm scared that I'm not maximizing my potential to become a civil/human rights lawyer if I don't attend UVic. Though, having gone to the orientation at UofA, I was very drawn towards their Student Legal Services program and their connection with the Alberta Human Rights Commission. I know that I'm the one who has to make the decision, but I humbly request some support/opinions. Thanks.
  5. NxtEpisode

    Waitlist 2018

    Went from rank 47 to rank 19
  6. NxtEpisode

    Accepted to Alberta 2018

    WOOOT!!! Got the offer! LSAT: 164, L2:3.7
  7. NxtEpisode

    Index Much Lower than Expected...

    I saw that you got accepted, congrats!!! I've kinda written off UVic at this point and am focusing my attention on UofA. I feel that banking on the UVic holistic review to add 16 points to my index is quite foolish and the wait list is a serious gamble. Though I will retake the Feb LSAT, I don't expect a registration that late will bear much fruit. I will still check back every once in a while but, I no longer have faith that I will be admitted. Thank you for all your help and good luck with your studies! Congrats again!
  8. NxtEpisode

    Index for automatic admission

    Autoadmit this year is 915, confirmed by Janet
  9. NxtEpisode

    Index Much Lower than Expected...

    I directly converted my 4.0 to 4.33, both before and after dropping six classes from my full undergrad degree of four years. I got 164, which was reported to be 90th percentile.
  10. Just got an email from Janet confirming that I got an index score of 898.75. In every one of my calculations, the worst possible scenario I came up with was 915 so I was shocked and terrified. I have written her back however, I'm pretty sure she didn't make any mistakes in her calculations so now I am left pretty depressed. Does anyone know what the auto-admit this year is? Is 898.75 a likely admit or a waitlist? If anyone has any information, I would love to read anything I can grab onto.
  11. NxtEpisode

    Chances for UVic?

    Edit: I saw 915 floating around a lot and it kinda stuck that that was the auto-admit. Further research suggests that 905 is more likely to be the auto-admit. I apologize for any stress this error may have caused! Cheers!
  12. NxtEpisode

    Chances for UVic?

    In case you still need it: (GPA out of 4.33 x 125) + (LSAT percentile x 5) = index score So your index score is: (3.8 x 125) + (83.07* x 5) = 890.35 *percentile may be off as I just ripped it from Google Auto-admit is supposedly still 915 though I don't quite understand the system. I assume it means that if you get 915 you are automatically accepted however, what if 915 students exceed admission limits? First come first serve I guess.
  13. NxtEpisode

    asking for your index score

    They seem like nice people who are quite eager to help. I emailed them around October 12th and they replied that I'll probably get my index early December.
  14. NxtEpisode

    Change of Application Status for 2018

    Submitted October 11th, forwarded for review today!