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  1. See the list at the bottom: http://ultravires.ca/2019/07/davies-raises-articling-pay-to-2250/ Edit: Just noticed the article is about articling salaries and you asked about summer salaries, which are not always the same.
  2. Current UVic student here. Haven't received any email / info from school about going online in the Fall either.
  3. Please read this: https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-offers/ Especially this part: "If you provide a provisional acceptance, you must indicate which other choices you wish to remain active. If you do not indicate that you wish to be considered for a specific choice, it will be marked as “Decline: No Further Consideration”. Provisional acceptances to first-year programs will automatically become firm on July 3, 2018." From that, I understand that your provisional acceptance won't turn firm until July. The deadline of April 1 is a deadline for provisional acceptance.
  4. Thanks! Good to know I’m not the only one I emailed them yesterday and they said that this “delay” is normal, that I should be hearing back from them next week.
  5. How long after you paid the accpetance deposit, did it show on your application at myuvic? My transcripts arrived yesterday and are already showing there, but I paid the deposit last week and still nothing about it on myuvic.
  6. Accepted today. 163 and 3.79/4.0 (without drops).
  7. Hi. I'm on the same boat. I also applied to the full JD and got the same e-mail. I don't understand why we would need to do the NCA processing, considering that, regardless of the result (even if they say I only need to take one or two courses/exams), I would still like to do the three year program, and not one of the LLM for foreign lawyers or single courses/exams. Did you call them? What did they say?
  8. Thank you for your input. I sent them an e-mail yesterday, so I could have an official written response, but they haven't answered me yet. I called their number today, explained it, and the person just told me to put as much as I could under "Last Name", that they would match it with the transcripts and LSAT score. Then I asked if I should put the rest under "Middle Name", and the person said "yes, you can do that". So that's what I am doing.
  9. Hey guys, I have more than two last names, and they don't all fit into the "Last Name" field in the OLSAS system. Has anyone had that problem before? Should I put one under "Middle Name" and the rest under "Last Name"? Or do I put the first last name initial, plus the others, under "Last Name"? (like- > "Last Name: B Cccccc Dddddd") The thing is, on the LSAC system, all of my last names are under "last name", and I don't know if writing just the initial letter for one or putting one under "Middle Name" (on the OLSAS site) could cause problems when OLSAS tries to get my LSAT score. Or if I am accepted at a school and try to enroll. I appreciate any insights.
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