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  1. hibou

    Dean's open house

    Definitely felt that as well, but I tried to persevere because the people there were awesome. Was amazing to talk to a whole variety of folks and hope I didn't annoy the current students too much, haha. The speeches & panel before the mixer were both super inspiring (especially loved the public interest law clinic piece) and surprisingly casual and lovely. Everyone was really friendly and relatable and that showed throughout both the talks at the beginning and the mixer following. The Dean, professors and staff were all roaming around the mixer and were actively approaching me & other applicants and asking us about our backgrounds and current thinking on where to go to law school. While a bit embarrassing, I did talk to him about where my thinking is at (between UBC and UCalgary) and he addressed it directly and avidly for quite some time. I even harassed a couple upper year students about the extracurricular sports and their clubs well after the club tables had closed downstairs and they were extremely kind and detailed in their responses, if seemingly a bit (understandably) exhausted from the bustling and MeMeMe nature of the whole thing. This is reading less like a summary of events and more like my feelings on the whole thing, and maybe I've just been very successfully schmoozed, but I truly appreciated and loved the open house and it doubly confirmed everything that attracted me to UCalgary initially. Please feel free tag/message me if you have any specific questions about the night or my perspective, and I'll try my best to answer them more concisely! I've since accepted my offer and payed my deposit, and looking forward to seeing everyone in September!
  2. hibou

    Dean's open house

    This isn't really contributing anything, but I will definitely be there on Monday and am super excited! Stoked to see some of you there. I'll try to update as well for those out of province!
  3. hibou

    Entrance Awards?

    I received my entrance awards email offer about a week ago, not sure if that's reflective of all the entrance awards however.
  4. Thanks! No, that was my December LSAT and I did not write in February.
  5. Accepted today!! GPA (after drops, self calculated): 78.5~ LSAT: 170
  6. hibou

    Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Accepted today! L2 3.7~ LSAT 170 congrats everyone!
  7. hibou

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Thanks! No sorry, wasn't expecting to hear so soon so hadn't been checking super closely. If there's a way to check retroactively...?
  8. hibou

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    got the email last week but forgot to post my bad, really appreciate these threads! L2: 3.7ish 1 LSAT in December: 170 really happy to hear so quickly!