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  1. 1.newest edition preferably. Logic games bible is among the most popular. People like the LSAT trainer as well. 2. On the margin, probably. But a 3.6 at UofT won’t beat a 3.8 at York. 3. 7 Sage, hands down. Youtube is primarily useful for logic games. 4. Nope. Thank god I never have to deal w that test again.
  2. That’s what happens when a communist-inspired union (just look at their logo with a red star) whines and whines about only being paid $47/h for TAs. That’s already higher than UofT. Libs or PCs will put these whiners away... NDP will only give them kickbacks and more unrest will follow in 2021.
  3. I think, in general, STEM is harder than humanities and social sciences, just in terms of workload. There are also tiers of universities in terms of difficulty. U of T is first tier. Without a doubt, the curves are most brutal, combined with a terrible undergrad experience. Mac, Wloo, Queens are second tier. Western, Laurier, Ottawa, Carleton, York and Ryerson are third tier. And the rest are just 4th tier. That being said, there are great students in every program and every school, so program and school difficulty can only go so far.
  4. If you can pull up your LSAT into the high 150s at the very least, you’ll definitely have a shot at schools like Windsor, Lakehead, Ottawa, Western and maybe Queens. Your cGPA is a little on the low side, so the higher you can get on the LSAT, the better. What is encouraging is your clear uptrend and strong L2, so apply to schools that focus on these factors more.
  5. Your chances aren't very good. Your LSAT is way below median and your sub-3.0 GPA is also way below median. You'd need a 160+ LSAT and applications to L2 schools. But given your prior LSAT scores, it doesn't seem likely. I would also caution you from pursuing studies overseas. The road to come back here and practice as a lawyer will be very long and tedious. There is also no good prospect for success either. You should seriously reconsider your plans to go to law school. I'm just trying to be blunt and honest with you.
  6. So if we’re on the waitlist, chances are very slim. If you’re not rejected yet, chances are even more slim. There are at least 16 people waiting.
  7. I’m going to assume LinkedIn helps get your name out there.
  8. So that makes it at least 16 people on the waitlist... That’s a pretty long list... looks like chances of getting off the list are slim.
  9. I'm going to guess it's Windsor or Victoria.
  10. Has anyone who has posted here as being on the waitlist gotten an offer yet?
  11. To answer the first question: it’s for either firm or provisional acceptance. Just be aware that a provisional acceptance will automatically mean you’ve declined any other Ontario school offers you have received thus far. To answer the second question, as the other poster said, provisional acceptances become firm on July 3rd. You can still ask to be on the waitlist at another school though, and if you get an offer, you could tell the other law school you’re declining and lose your deposit.
  12. You can “provisionally” accept Lakehead. That means you’ve conditionally accepted Lakehead, but you would also like to continue being considered at the other 4 schools. If you “firmly” accept Lakehead, then all other applications will be cancelled.
  13. There are some students that attend law school without a Bachelor's degree. They usually enter straight from 3rd year. Even if you do not finish the degree, you can still attend law school in September. So, to conclude, you shouldn't panic! You're going to be just fine.
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