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    Does Calgary only accept people that are 25+

    Age should not be your concern. In my year ( I went to UofC law), the youngest is a girl of 20 years old. There are plenty of admitted students in 21-23 age range, i.e into law school right after they done college. UofC do prefer some "old" matured students, like we have couple of students in their 40s, even 50s, but overall I would say apply to UofC at age 22 should not be a issue at all.

    1L Grades and Summer Jobs

    Yes, more than one, actually, in Calgary. All of them have unique experience that firms find valuable. In Calgary, your grades can only kind of "promise" how many OCIs you got in 2L summer, solid B usually enough to get you some OCIs. I know few students with B+ average 1L grades , got >10 OCIs and land 0 job offer for 2L summer job in Calgary, which, from what I read in this forum, unlikely to happen in Ontario. (*B+ in UC is likely equivalent to higr B+ or even A- in Ontario, since only 10% (or less) student can get A, compared to ~30-35% in Queens or at least 15% in Oz/UT)

    1L Grades and Summer Jobs

    I cannot say for Toronto, but your grades should get you at least some OCIs in Calgary, some firms value your EC and previous experience more than law school grades. Still, 1L summer job-GPA correlation is kind of curve ball compared to 2L summer. I personally knew people got 5As cannot land any 1L summer job but easily got >5 Top firm offers in 2L; as well as people secured 1L summer from biglaw with an average C range grade.

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    (Post for my wife) Offer today (kind of surprised since it's so close to the X'mas.) cGPA: 89/100 (International UG), L2~91/100 LSAT: 167(October) Application done in Oct, Reference letters done and green circled last week. Good EC and PS, Master Degrees. Best luck to all who still waiting!

    UBC vs. U of C

    Interesting, my wife is in this cycle too and we have to make this exactly decision at some point, between UBC and UofC. As an articling student graduated from UofC, just my 2 cents: 1) Type of law: don't have to worry about it now, you will have "rotation" in most of the big firms. Outside that, look into areas of law that you have personal training background or experience. 2) Job market: I heard all the times during law school that BC market is "tight" or "very bad" compared to Calgary, however from the number of placement rates, UBC did fairly well in 2016 (over 90%) and all the people in my year who want go to BC (all from BC) secured articling position. And at least two graduates I known from 2016 U of C class who struggled to find articling in AB end up secured articling position in BC. (one from BC, one from east). Since you are from AB, you will have no trouble to convince the employer why Calgary, which they always going to ask. From What I understand, if you are in top 1/3 of your class in either school, you are almost guarantee to get OCI jobs. The rest of the class's job prospect depend less on grades but more on how eager/early/involved you looking for jobs. 3) Salary/Cost of Living: from what I heard, the salary for articling student in BC is generally lower than AB, but after called to bar, there are about the same. Calgary is much cheaper on cost of living, however Vancouver has better restaurants and more fun. Weather I would say depends, if you like a bit of chill weather and love sunny days, stay in Calgary. Winter in Vancouver could be hell for people who hate rains. 4) Future of the legal market: no one really knows, I would say legal market in Calgary is still pretty Oil and Gas dominated, Vancouver is much more diversified compared to Calgary if you doing the solicitor work. For litigation, there aren't much differences between AB and BC from I understand.
  6. I don't believe there is a separate "under review" status change. Either your LSAT/Transcript hasn't been received OR you just have to wait for next batch of acceptance offers.
  7. Before answering your question, I have two questions for you: 1) Are you sure you want to go to law school? -Law school is a lot of hard work, and considering the current job market, secured a articling job can also be tough. -it's 3 years and you lost probably at least 150K for choose law school over your job, you have to make sure "law school idea" is not some sort of "back up plan", but an adventure you genuinely intend to take. My suggestion is to talk to as many law students/lawyers you can to get a better picture of the occupation before you apply, to be a lawyer take huge amount of money and time and the pay is not even that great if you thinking you going to make $$$$ by being a lawyer. 2) Why BC? -stay away from your comfort zone could be a good thing, but where you want to practice after law school? If you have connection to BC and want to stay there, then go to BC for law school. Golden Rule is always go to the law school where you want to practice. If you want go back to Toronto, why not apply to Ontario Schools? (which you might have a better chance to get in except UT). As for your questions, many of them could be easily answered by checking this forum...anyway again just my two cents: 1) UVic Law is a great school, as good as UBC, TRU law is new, not as reputable as UBC or UVIc. 2) Check the UBC index formula and do your own maths, average admitted applicants have around 166 for LSAT+ 83/100 (~3.7/4) 3) UBC is a pure number school, they rarely look your PS or EC. 4) Again. it's your own life, there are some people doing MBA-JD, whether it's useful or not really depends, if you have money and want to do it, why not? 5) Check and ask the Admission Office 6) You should really talk to more people applying or went to law school, or at least check this forum more carefully, there are lot's of good stuff here.

    Melbourne JD

    It looked nice, but from what I known, unlike in US (or at least in NY), LLM degree holders are not qualified to call to the bar in Australia. Unless you want that degree just for experience or for academic purpose, I don't see how many people really want to do that despite it sounds great.
  9. I just graduated from U of C law and I have friends from U of A Law, from what I heard, there is literally NO advantages of U of A students over U of C students if you looking to practice in Calgary. In Edmonton, U of A dominates. For Big laws you can check where all the summer/articling students from : U of C dominates or at least performs as good as U of A in most of the firms and some firms tend to favour the U of C students over UA (Blake, BJs). For small firms, where you went to law school (provided you are not NCA) in Canada is almost irrelevant, whether you get a job or not almost exclusively depends on your skill sets/connection/EC-background outside of law school. BTW , articling placement rate for class 2017 is well over 90% for U of C in case you are interested. I don't know the exact number for U of A, but according to their dean, the number is below 70% in Spring this year.
  10. MUTOTOMU55

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Congratulations! Mind to share your stats and your timeline for application?
  11. Hard to tell, last year it was 1st round Offer in Mid-Nov, very few offers until early Jan.
  12. BTW, did you apply to Calgary? they provide very generous entrance scholarships, I believe there are more than 10 scholarships values > $10K and BDP one worth $20K (and renewable for 2 more years) , you stats is for sure very competitive in UofC applicant pool. (~Average 3.63, LSAT 162)
  13. Based on the threads in previous year, Index of ~93.5 might qualified for small scholarship for ~ $1000~2000, index of 94 might got bigger ones (>$5000). But the cut-off is different from year to year, UBC is generally quite strict on merit-based scholarship, I have a friend who has index of 94.1 last year and got nothing. Bursary on the other hand is quite generous from what I heard.
  14. I haven't received any email yet, no worries, usually the email arrives few days later.
  15. Post for my wife, her status changed to "Offer" too this morning. LSAT: 167 (Oct), N/A(schedule to take Dec) GPA: ~89/100 after drop (UG out side of Canada, no idea what % will UBC converted to) Index: probably ~93, depend on how GPA calculated Application Done on Oct 12. Good luck to everyone!