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  1. Mine stayed that way until acceptance, I don't think they notify you at all of when they actually review the file.
  2. laney211

    Accepted to UNB 2018

    The deadline for UNB is actually March 1st, which makes it even crazier that acceptances start so early, but they do make it clear that the have a rolling acceptance system and that it's strongly recommended to apply early! Although if I hadn't looked into it so thoroughly, I wouldn't have realized quite how early they meant. I believe their website opens for applications in September, and for the past few years the first round of acceptances has gone out October 27th.
  3. laney211

    Accepted to UNB 2018

    I'm also planning to accept the offer, UNB is where I was hoping for! And holy crap, I could not imagine having them say the acceptance was a mistake! Luckily I've never heard of that happening at law schools haha
  4. Accepted this morning via email from Wanda! Adjusted GPA ~3.9/4.3 (cGPA 3.7), LSAT 164, NB Resident Good luck to everyone waiting to hear!