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  1. When I became a tutor after 1L, I emailed Helen with my transcript and some info on past similar positions I had held. She let me know that my grades fell within the acceptable range. I have never heard of a "tutor list", but maybe things have changed. If I recall correctly, the cutoff was around 3.4 (putting you in the top 25% of the class). Email Helen if you are interested. Also, last year I didn't get notified about Dean's List until June. Edit: If you had a tutor, you can always message them. Most tutors are more than willing to help point their former tutees in the right direction.
  2. Your best chance would be to apply in the access category with a detailed explanation for your low cGPA. When doing so, make sure to connect how the issues impacted your grades and how you have coped with or resolved the issues to improve your grades. This will be helpful in showing them that you can succeed in law school.
  3. I interviewed in Central East (Newmarket) last year. It was a fairly standard interview, with the Counsel & Manager of Legal Research asking typical interview-style questions and the judges being more conversational. I would suggest doing your research on the judges' backgrounds and preparing for a couple situational questions (ie. What do you do if a lawyer comes up to you in the hallway during jury selection and starts complaining about how the judge is handling the matter?). If you are interested in speaking more specifically about the interview, you can PM me.
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