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  1. Failed the barrister and passed solicitor. Very disappointed right now...studied my ass off...didn't have time issues on the exam. I found the exams tough, but I either knew the answers or made educated guesses...I didn't make any blind guesses. Now I'm working long hours and worried how I will study all this again.
  2. I would say competitive for a downtown mid-size or boutique law firm that participated in the articling recruit. I am interested in insurance defense, employment law and personal injury.
  3. Just wondering if anyone can give insight to the non-formal articling recruit. If anyone can share their past experiences about the non-formal recruit and what kind of firms participate it would be very helpful. I was recently devastated to not receive a position through the formal articling recruit. I received almost 20 interview offers and decided to do 7 interviews during the recruit. Three firms seemed very impressed with me and invited me back for dinners on the second day of interviews. The issue was that because all the dinners were scheduled at the same time I basically had to choose one. I voiced my strong interest in the other two firms but they indicated to me that the dinner was the last part of the hiring process and they were not conducting interviews on the Wednesday. Unfortunately, the firm that I chose to attend dinner decided to choose other students and I am now left pondering how I could have approached the situation differently. My marks are very good and I would like to work for a downtown firm with a competitive salary but I am worried about the quality/quantity of firms that are hiring throughout the year. Thanks!
  4. I was the same as you. But I got extremely unlucky because 3 firms invited me to dinners that were all at the same time on Tuesday. I told the two firms I was less interested in that I was still extremely interested but made another obligation already and requested to come back Wednesday. Both firms told me they were very impressed with me and that the dinner was the final part of the hiring process. I wish there was another way to do it were I do not get royally screwed because I have to choose between 3 firms and then risk lowering my odds. At the end I got nothing and I am kicking myself thinking what would have happened if I attended another dinner. Also, I have friends that got more lucky and had more receptions that they could simply leave early or were invited to 2nd/3rd interviews on Wednesday which increased their chances. It's a really awful process and they need to tailor it better for the students so we don't get screwed.
  5. What really frustrated me throughout this process was how unfair it is structured. I believe I did quite well but was invited to 3 dinners on the same night and had to pick one of them because they were all at the same time. The firms where I could not attend dinner I voiced my interest and asked if I could come back on Wednesday but they told me this was the last part of the hiring process. So now I'm kicking myself thinking if I should have went to a different dinner.
  6. I got confirmations from all firms except two of them. A couple firms only sent me confirmations yesterday afternoon. I would wait until the end of the week before contacting...some firms just may be slower at sending the confirmation emails.
  7. Ah, okay thank you for these answers. So arriving late to a reception is not that big of a deal as long as you make some face time whereas a dinner is pretty much obligatory to stay the entire time.
  8. What is the basic protocol if you are invited to multiple receptions/dinners in the same night for two firms you are interested in? Can you only attend one? Is it possible to attend two different receptions or will it hurt your chances in those firms if you leave one reception early and arrive to a second one late. Does not attending a reception signal disinterest and remove any chance from getting that position?
  9. Quick question. There were a couple firms I really liked that were full on Monday and I could only book on Tuesday. Will this hurt my chances with those firms?
  10. That's weird...I was under the impression Bogoroch was not hiring. Bogoroch' site says they already filled their 2019-2020 spots. https://www.bogoroch.com/articling-program/
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