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  1. And what about us relatively new calls that have a ton of debt and are worried about even affording a condo? I'm trying to save money and looking on House Sigma seeing condos that literally were 150k-250k just 5-6 years ago selling for 600k+ is giving me crazy anxiety. The rate at which the housing market is going up makes it seem like I grew up in the wrong time period. Many of us that just graduated and are starting our careers feel like we've missed the boat. I don't feel like I'll ever even be able to afford a detached home as they selling for minimum 1.2m in the GTA suburbs.
  2. Undergrad grades rarely ever matter once you get into law school. Even your law school grades don't matter once you have 1-2 years of experience practicing as a lawyer.
  3. Literally 80% of my law school classmates had no idea which area of law they wanted to pursue. Out of the approximately 20% that did have an idea, majority of those did not end up in that field and simply went into corporate law through the 2nd year OCI recruit because majority of the firms handing positions are corporate firms. I work in personal injury, but ended in that position mostly by chance. I did not get a job through the OCI recruit and fell into my current position in the post-OCI recruit. Luckily I really enjoy the work and the firm. Was a blessing in disguise. Much practicing law is about trial and error. I have friends that by luck got a job in an area that they didn't really know much about that they ended up enjoying. I have others that got the job in the area they wanted, but ended up hating it and moving to a different field. Some got the job they wanted and are still enjoying it. Seems a bit of a crapshoot to me. The beauty of our profession is that there are still so many different areas and it's not incredibly difficult to transition to a different area once you have experience.
  4. Excellent work, congratulations.
  5. The process is very arbitrary and you should not put much stock into it. Firms interview 20 students from each school and pick something like 2-4 students from each school for ITC's. You have no idea where you were on that list, what they were looking for, if someone else had connections with that firm etc.
  6. The timeline is different due to Covid, but this is how mine went. 1) OCI's and in-firms in October/November. 2) Post-OCI recruit started right after the last day of the recruitment. 3) Job listings reached the peak around January and February and new postings were still coming in during March. Be patient, they will come. Probably in the next few weeks you will see more and more. That being said it was probably about 15-20+ different government/firm listings overall.
  7. "fragile A types that can't take losing" Who is making this about a "safe space." Nobody here is saying that we should regulate what you can and cannot post. Some of us are saying that those posts just seem douchey, insensitive, ego-driven and purely for self-validation. People generally get annoyed with others that constantly need to brag about themselves or talk about their accomplishments all the time. That isn't about a 'safe space' it's just about social awareness, empathy and humility. By all means, post whatever you want, no one is stopping you.
  8. I would be questioning things if my firm didn't supply me with a notebook, pen, coffee mug etc. haha. For your stress bring a pen and notebook, but you won't need it, lol. Don't worry about supplies, just focus on working-hard and learning.
  9. My law school had a career service repository online where it posted/updated new job listings. Did you check that?
  10. Has LinkedIn become a strange environment for some people seeking constant daily self-validation? Yes, yes it has. That being said, I participated in the OCI process, had 8 interviews and 3 in-firm interviews. The process was exhausting and seemed so arbitrary. I did not get a job. Many exceptional classmates of mine did not get a job during the OCI recruitment either. Looking back it didn't even matter. I did find a summer job outside of the recruitment at a boutique firm and I am still with the same firm 2 years later and loving it. Was a blessing in disguise for me as I did not want truly want to work in big law, but it seemed like the safe/convenient/ego-driven thing to do at the time.
  11. Why don't you just go live at home for a year, save some money to pay of your debts, and afterwards you can move away from home to downtown Victoria. I think considering that with Covid-19 you can't even do much right now, living at home for a year rent-free isn't necessarily a bad thing. After your articling you can always evaluate what you want to do, try to shift to another area of law if you are unhappy, and leave your parents house.
  12. Welcome to the life of any 20 year old, lol. You are lucky if by 20 you know exactly what you want to do in life. Most people have no idea what they want to do at 20. Heck, most people I know still had no idea what they wanted to do after they graduated university. You are also lucky that you get to live abroad for your undergrad, experience cultures etc. After my undergrad I worked for 3 years before deciding to go to law school at 25 years old. Other people in my program started law school in their late 20s or 30s. It's never too late to change, find a new passion, go a different route. Work hard and see what you enjoy.
  13. Very strong. I'd say a 90-95% chance of getting in.
  14. If you applied to other schools, Ottawa might not even accept you because you will get in every school, lol.
  15. Probably a 40% chance or so. My stats were CGPA: 3.53 L2: 3.72 LSAT: 156 and I got in around the 2nd cycle in April. L2 is very good, LSAT is okay but not great. I believe Ottawa does factor CGPA. If your CGPA was closer to 3.0 I would say you are 60-70%. If you had a legitimate reason that you can really highlight in your personal statement then maybe you have a 50% shot. You will probably get put on the wait list, and hopefully you get some luck. Good luck.
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