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  1. This is almost a right of passage. All us 3Ls had to deal with it last year. trust the process, classes will open as time comes
  2. Was a B- student, got 5/40 interviews, currently a summer student at a downtown toronto firm bit of an upward battle, but it seems possible and definitely don’t go into Interviews with that mentality
  3. That’s when the career portal opens up for articling! Just figure it it would be nice to start applications right away, worst case
  4. Do you think it’s appropriate to ask my firm their hiring intentions on May 28th?
  5. Someone I know has an interview with them this week
  6. Those numbers are off. Western is missing a fair number of hires on that giant chart
  7. I know At least some Blaney offers went out today! Congrats to all who got one!
  8. Interesting. I'm assuming (or hoping) our Careers office will provide everyone with data for the London/Hamilton/Ottawa recruit. I have friends who are more concerned with how many people get jobs outside of OCIs. I keep telling them to not worry about the numbers and just give it everything they have. But I can see how the numbers may be useful too
  9. I've been discussing with several peers at my school, and none of us seem to be able to find the answer to this question: How many law students get 2L jobs? Our careers office makes it seem as if everyone gets one. But we all know that absolutely cannot be the case. Are there any hard stats? I have some friends still looking who want to inquire how many students get positions generally (he knows it will vary per school)
  10. Got hired today! For anonymity reasons I won't say which firm (but it's not Blaney, WeirFould, or Loopstra). For all those still grinding, keep going. I was so defeated after OCIs. I pushed hard in preparation for this interview (downtown Toronto firm), and it paid off. You all can do it, just don't give up! /sap
  11. Said person didn't tell me the specific date, just "next week"
  12. For anyone still going, I'm aware of someone getting an interview at Blaney. Said individual got a "we would like to interview you" email today.
  13. People consistently say this, but does it seem to be the truth in the real world? Like do people who make it to in-firms/generally far in to in-firms end up being successful for a 2L job? (Not cutting in to your encouragement, I'm just wondering how the odds are looking for people like myself who made it basically until the end of the OCI process without getting a job)
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