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  1. It was touch and go for me for whether I'd be able to go until I had confirmed early arrival. Have you told Allard that you won't make it? I'm pretty sure it's an empty threat when they say it's "mandatory" to attend, but I'd shoot them an email to let them know in advance just in case. I think they said some nonsense about giving your spot away if you don't warn them when I got my acceptance email.
  2. I applied to Dalhousie, Calgary, Victoria, and UBC. All four had mid-low tuition fees and application fees that weren't stupidly high like the Ontario schools (I wasn't sure how serious I was about law school at the time of applying, so I didn't feel like breaking the bank too hard). UBC is the most prestigious of the four, but the others were compelling for their own reasons. Dalhousie, while not top tier, still has one of the best Canadian law programs; they also made a scholarship offer that was difficult for me to turn down. Calgary has a program that is on the rise, a much more student-friendly cost of living situation than Vancouver, a lucrative job market, and is closer to home for me. Victoria is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and would have offered smaller, more attentive classes. But as for Vancouver, from my research UBC has the only Canadian law program that 1) is top tier; 2) does not have astronomically high tuition fees like the Toronto schools; and 3) isn't in Quebec (common law ftw). Aside from that: I have friends who moved to Vancouver recently, I got to go there for a conference last year and loved it, and I have family further inland in BC. Also I like that it's a big city with good public transit, major sports teams, and things to do at all times.
  3. @PrincessMax Got the offer of admission on November 14th. My original offer letter didn't say anything about an entrance scholarship, so I didn't think I was getting one. I assume it's just based on my entry stats because I didn't apply for anything and I'm not in a minority group.
  4. @PrincessMaxNever got it confirmed because I got an offer early enough. It think my self calculated one was about 93 iirc (4.11/4.5 GPA, 169 LSAT). Scholarship got updated to 4000 today btw.
  5. Got an email about a scholarship today, minimum 2500 apparently. Not sure when I'll get the definite number.
  6. Declined my offer (and renewable scholarship) today. Best of luck.
  7. plumbus


    I just declined my offer, so a big one is about to go out soon.
  8. plumbus

    Accepted to UVic 2018

    Likewise. Good luck all!
  9. plumbus

    Osgoode vs UBC

    Please don't go to UBC...
  10. You can still back out of Dal after putting in the deposit, and accept a different offer afterwards. No, paying the deposit does not remove your other applications (as far as I know).
  11. plumbus


    @oliverbond It was via email.
  12. plumbus


    I was told I received one of the Law Foundation of Nova Scotia scholarships on February 8th. I will most likely be turning it down to attend UBC instead.
  13. plumbus

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Declined my offer today (going to UBC instead). Best of luck, all.
  14. Found it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2047602042142946/
  15. Got a response today from Rose about a scholarship that I applied for (i.e. not an automatic entrance scholarship), so other successful applicants should hear soon as well if they haven't already. I will most likely still be turning Dalhousie down (though this is making the choice tougher, especially because I didn't get any scholarship at UBC), so I hope it gets passed on to one of you lovely people.