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  1. Sure, I think advocacy is good regardless. But I just wanted to let you know that they are working on something for students and it'll likely be announced in a couple weeks.
  2. Rumour has it that something is in the works for students and will be announced in the coming two weeks.
  3. Where is this money coming from? Should our fees be increased to be even more unreasonable?
  4. How big is the firm? If it's a big firm, they are definitely discussing this. I would be patient. (haven't heard from my firm as well). But if it's a small firm, I'd check in because I'm sure they have a ton of competing demands and may have not gotten to it yet.
  5. The majority live off campus, but there are a significant number that live on campus. There are a few upper year residence which are available to law students. One of the most popular ones is Bayfield hall - there dozens of law students in the building. It's very popular with students due to the proximity to campus (10 minute walk) and the fact that it is a 1 bedroom apartment (especially for most of us that don't know anyone coming into the program). There are also some more affordable residences across from Bayfield but you would need a roommate. Some law students live there too. There are also the university apartments on Platts Lane which has some law students living there. As a 2L at Western, I can say that this is inaccurate. There are plenty of law students living in the upper year residences. Most people in the upper year residences are masters/PhD/professional students. I'd say a small minority are undergrads, as they typically live in houses/apartments with friends from years prior.
  6. http://ultravires.ca/2019/12/toronto-summer-2020-2l-recruit-numbers/
  7. The other posters are absolutely correct. The only thing I would recommend you read if you have the time is a book on how to write law school exams. Law school exams are much different than the ones you've experienced, and you can improve your answer by understanding how to construct your answer properly. An example of a book is getting to maybe. There are others; you can look at the reviews and read one of them. This is not at all a precondition to doing well in law school, but many have found it valuable and improved their grades after reading the material. I can't attest to it as I did not read one of those books, but again, it has helped others so it might be worth a shot.
  8. Depends where you live - but I would seriously suggest checking with other students who are moving back home for the summer. Plenty of apartments and great rates (especially compared to airbnbs). Good luck.
  9. Try to sublet from other students. There are always plenty of condos that are available for the summer. Join the Ryerson/U of T off campus Facebook groups and look there. You should be able to find something!
  10. Western implemented a mandatory pass-fail grading scheme. While I'm satisfied with it, I imagine there are many 1Ls who are upset. Firstly, the only course that is complete for the 1Ls, LRWA, will still be graded. This means that employers will be able to differentiate students on the basis of grades, but only that grade. This creates problems for students who under-performed in LRWA but are high-achievers in other courses. Additionally, students who did well in midterms will receive no recognition for it. I know I would have been seriously bothered with the system as a 1L (was a high performing student and it helped with the recruit).
  11. Not necessarily, they could just be high-performing students that outperform most students. You don't need to collude on a law exam to get a good grade.
  12. Yup - I'll still be studying. Just not to the same extent I would be if it were graded.
  13. I second pinning the suits for men / women threads. They help many students going through the recruit for the first time.
  14. Didn't say I'd never listen to them. I will. But with this uncertainty relating to exams, there's a lot on my mind.
  15. Has anyone summering on Bay St heard anything from their firms?
  16. I was going to say, surgical masks won't protect you. N95's do offer some level of protection, but yes, they need to be properly fitted. Most people buy surgical masks in an effort to protect themselves, but it's a misconception that if you wear them, they'll effectively prevent you from getting the virus.
  17. Seems excessive. Also, are these N95 Respirators or surgical masks?
  18. More acceptances will come, don't worry. If this year is similar to my year, another wave will likely come before the provisional acceptance deadline and then a large wave after the deadline.
  19. Western student here. Some schools do "fail-safe" exams meaning that December exams only count if they were at least as good as your April exam grades. Western does not; they are factored into your final grade regardless of how you did, but it acts similar to a fail-safe because December exams are weighted so low compared to final exams. Realistically, nearly all of the time, your final exam will determine your final grade in the course. The advantage of having fail-safe or low weighted exams is that you get a trial run with feedback on how to improve. You've never written a law school exam (it's quite different than exams in undergrad), so you'll get a kick at the can before the real deal. Also, every professor is different in their expectations, and this can shed light on different professors' preferences. If you use this feedback properly, you'll be able to improve your grades come finals.
  20. What is this in reference to? Generally? A specific class? It really depends. For nearly all classes, your reading assignments will include cases, whether accessible online or assigned through a casebook. Some professors give academic readings too. Then again, for some classes you don't need to do any readings practically speaking (they are assigned but hardly anyone does them).
  21. All things equal, a B+ average at Western will get you more interviews than a B+ average at Ottawa. That says enough. UV isn't perfect, but to state that the school you go to doesn't affect your career prospects is incorrect. OP wants to work in Toronto. Also, this isn't accurate. At least half the class is from the GTA and would like to work in Toronto if offered the chance.
  22. They did say employment (can practice it at every large firm and union- and management-side boutiques, which is a huge part of the 2L recruit). Also, the 2L recruit stats include gov't positions.
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