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  1. It isn't always the case, but it is often the case. There are many real estate markets that outperformed the stock market. E.g. homes in the suburbs of Toronto in the past decade. Also, owning industrial/commercial properties very frequently outperform the stock market to a significant degree.
  2. The largest difference: a car decreases in value while a home increases in value.
  3. That's not true long-term. Renting is money you will never see any return on - especially important considering rental prices now. In comparison, when paying your mortgage, you're at least getting some ownership in return for your payments. And in the long-term, real estate prices rise in value (often at rates higher than stock market return in the long run). But validly, condo fees and property tax are things to be considered, but that doesn't mean that real estate is therefore a bad investment.
  4. Congratulations on your acceptances. Both are great schools that offer similar experiences. I was in the same position and ultimately chose Western. I should stress this, no matter what you choose, don't look back. I'm sure you'll be happy with either school. Some considerations: (1) Social environment. You will get exactly what you are looking for - an experience that is unlike the one offered at Toronto schools (this is based off speaking with numerous friends attending Osgoode/U of T and comparing it to my experience at Western). You will be very close with your small group. You'll have pub nights. Your professors will get drinks with you. Etc. I hear Queens is very similar in this regard. Re "peppy" - there is certainly a group that is peppy, but a larger group of the school that is not. I wouldn't make that the deciding factor. (2) Collegiate environment. Undeniably, there is some level of competitiveness, as with every law school, but I find that people are willing to help, share summaries, etc. You won't get an "overly competitive" environment which some other schools have a reputation for. (3) Corporate-law focus. I don't think this is overblown. It's true that Queens and Western have similar placement in terms of Bay St, but Western has more clinics that have a business law focus (though Queens has more clinic offerings outside of corporate law). Also, Western's corporate course offering is superior, IMO. I enjoy living in London. It's not the kind of city I'd live in after I finish school, but it's great as a college town. Kingston is a lot smaller of a city and most students walk everywhere, whereas London is relatively larger and you would take public transportation to a lot of places (though still much, much small than Toronto). Ultimately I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever decision you make.
  5. I meant 4 half-year courses per semester, or the equivalent. So 4 full year courses across the year is sufficient. I would contact the admissions department at every school you're applying to. They may have differently guidelines with how they deal with those grades. Rest assured these will not be entirely excluded from your CGPA/admissions consideration - it would be considered but they may decide to give it less weight.
  6. A full course load is 4 courses from the perspective of admissions. So if you're dropping from 5 to 4, it won't make any difference. Either way, even if you're dropping below that, you likely won't have a problem if you had a full course load throughout the rest of your undergraduate degree.
  7. How good do you expect those winter grades to be? If they're As, then you'll most likely be in with those stats. Good luck.
  8. Surprised you didn't get into any of those schools yet with those stats. I'm sure you'll manage to get in somewhere before the end of the cycle. Good luck!
  9. You are absolutely right. An extra couple thousand dollars you get by having a near minimum wage paying job (compared to the monthly benefits from the government) will have nearly no effect on you in the future. I would think long-term.
  10. You sound more excited about taking the full course load and doing law-related volunteering. So do that. That's the better option anyway - get some school out of the way, get legally relevant experience and start building your network, while also continuing your studies, and getting paid while you're at it.
  11. Wait for the full details to be announced. If you're eligible, apply. It's meant to assist students who lost summer employment income due to COVID-19.
  12. A few firms are starting in May virtually. See the reddit thread above.
  13. Student financial aid announced: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-students-financial-aid-1.5540814
  14. You are eligible: https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/ei/cerb-application.html
  15. These are great reasons for pursuing an MBA. Keep this in mind people - you don't know that an MBA will benefit your career in any way. That being said, it has the potential to. I've seen many JD/MBAs who made absolutely no use of their MBA, but I've seen others who certainly won't be in their roles without their MBA.
  16. It's fine if you don't like road trips, seeing family/friends around the city and in the suburbs, etc. It comes down to every person's needs, but for most people it's definitely nice to have a car. And let's be honest, public transportation sucks (coming from someone who has used public transportation for an extensive period of time).
  17. Code is BIGOUTLET for those who want to access the SuitSupply sale.
  18. A partner at a bay street firm makes far more than that. Especially a few years into partnership.
  19. Update: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/trudeau-says-help-coming-for-students-unable-to-find-summer-jobs-1.4883310
  20. Any indication of whether this is a temporary or permanent cut?
  21. They will. But this summer won't make it or break it for you. They'll definitely value CPAs, CFAs, certain master's degrees, PhD's, consulting/IB experience, etc., but one summer of experience, particularly during this pandemic, will not make a difference in your application.
  22. PSA: please don't be this frugal (unless you need to be to survive).
  23. Employers will understand if you didn't do anything this summer given the circumstances. By all means, taking a course may be a good idea as opposed to doing nothing, but I doubt it will make a large difference.
  24. With those stats, you will almost certainly be admitted. Hang on.
  25. Family member has very close ties to our MP - was told by the MP that something is in the works when asked the question in a meeting.
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