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  1. I believe Windsor doesn't consider February scores but I'm not entirely sure. Perhaps someone can pitch in and confirm. As for updating it, I think there's no rush. I would wait until your December score comes out and see if you hit your goal score, then call OLSAS and change it if you'll be taking it in February. But, check with OLSAS to see if that's fine just in case there's any issues with that.
  2. Cool thanks. I doubt it's anything actually problematic though.
  3. Hmm, I don't have this. Strange. Although my overall GPA is showing up, so I'm not worried.
  4. I am as well. I wouldn't worry. It'll get updated eventually.
  5. This scares me lol. Did you end up getting an offer from any of Queens/Western/OZ?
  6. Just checked and have the same error now. My documents were in yesterday. I wouldn't worry.
  7. I called OLSAS earlier and they said as long as you submit your application by Nov 1 you'll be fine. The transcripts don't need to be in by that specific date.
  8. I'm currently registered for the December LSAT however I may cancel it depending on what I'm PTing a week before. I already took it in June, and I did okay, but I think I'm borderline for the schools I want so I'd rather retake in December and hopefully put myself in a more confident position. I indicated that I'm taking in December. However, if I cancel beforehand, should I notify the schools? Will they be expecting a December LSAT score? Thanks.
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