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  1. Update: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/trudeau-says-help-coming-for-students-unable-to-find-summer-jobs-1.4883310
  2. Any indication of whether this is a temporary or permanent cut?
  3. They will. But this summer won't make it or break it for you. They'll definitely value CPAs, CFAs, certain master's degrees, PhD's, consulting/IB experience, etc., but one summer of experience, particularly during this pandemic, will not make a difference in your application.
  4. PSA: please don't be this frugal (unless you need to be to survive).
  5. Employers will understand if you didn't do anything this summer given the circumstances. By all means, taking a course may be a good idea as opposed to doing nothing, but I doubt it will make a large difference.
  6. With those stats, you will almost certainly be admitted. Hang on.
  7. Family member has very close ties to our MP - was told by the MP that something is in the works when asked the question in a meeting.
  8. Sure, I think advocacy is good regardless. But I just wanted to let you know that they are working on something for students and it'll likely be announced in a couple weeks.
  9. Rumour has it that something is in the works for students and will be announced in the coming two weeks.
  10. Where is this money coming from? Should our fees be increased to be even more unreasonable?
  11. How big is the firm? If it's a big firm, they are definitely discussing this. I would be patient. (haven't heard from my firm as well). But if it's a small firm, I'd check in because I'm sure they have a ton of competing demands and may have not gotten to it yet.
  12. The majority live off campus, but there are a significant number that live on campus. There are a few upper year residence which are available to law students. One of the most popular ones is Bayfield hall - there dozens of law students in the building. It's very popular with students due to the proximity to campus (10 minute walk) and the fact that it is a 1 bedroom apartment (especially for most of us that don't know anyone coming into the program). There are also some more affordable residences across from Bayfield but you would need a roommate. Some law students live there too. There are also the university apartments on Platts Lane which has some law students living there. As a 2L at Western, I can say that this is inaccurate. There are plenty of law students living in the upper year residences. Most people in the upper year residences are masters/PhD/professional students. I'd say a small minority are undergrads, as they typically live in houses/apartments with friends from years prior.
  13. http://ultravires.ca/2019/12/toronto-summer-2020-2l-recruit-numbers/
  14. The other posters are absolutely correct. The only thing I would recommend you read if you have the time is a book on how to write law school exams. Law school exams are much different than the ones you've experienced, and you can improve your answer by understanding how to construct your answer properly. An example of a book is getting to maybe. There are others; you can look at the reviews and read one of them. This is not at all a precondition to doing well in law school, but many have found it valuable and improved their grades after reading the material. I can't attest to it as I did not read one of those books, but again, it has helped others so it might be worth a shot.
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