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  1. Unless there's something they really don't like about your application (e.g. terrible personal statement), you're in.
  2. There's definitely reasons to bring a briefcase. Firstly, my phone won't last between 6am-12am without an additional charge. I'd rather have water with me. I enjoy drinking healthy amounts of water and would rather not be chugging a bunch of water in front of every host. How about a granola bar and banana? Am I supposed to walk into the interview with that in my other hand? I only have 30 minute breaks without enough time to eat, so I'll need those snacks with me. I completely agree with Newfoundland in this respect.
  3. Was just about to ask this. I guess it is.
  4. How long are lunches typically? Should I leave 2 hours for it or can I get by with less?
  5. What time are dinners usually scheduled for? 7pm or a bit later?
  6. Did the exact same thing and got the same response. Firm called right at 8am and I scheduled them for later in the afternoon. Don't worry, they know things can change during interview week, even if they're not your first choice now. It would be silly for them to discard you for that if you're a competitive candidate.
  7. That's the advice we're received. I think I'll just turn off call waiting and leave my voicemail on because it seems difficult to disable it. They'll keep calling regardless. We've been told that it's usually over in 10-15 minutes, but I can't say for certain.
  8. I was thinking about this but there's an issue I perceive: when it rings and you send them to voicemail, they'll know you're screening their call. If it doesn't ring, then they know you're just busy. IMO, I think it's easier just to schedule that firm on another time slot and leave that 8/10/12pm time slot for your first choice.
  9. The firms keep calling until they reach you. We've been told to turn call waiting and voicemail off.
  10. My friend at Western heard back soon after OCIs.
  11. They went out for Western a little while ago.
  12. You are likely on a wait list. I would ask your CDO to confirm. Just keep your head up on call day - some people will inevitably cancel.
  13. Did Torkin Manes send out a mass email to candidates from all schools just now? Did anyone hear from Torkin Manes prior to today? (from any school) Just trying to determine if I was their second choice and only got the interview as a result of a cancellation, or whether they're one of the firms that waits until all OCIs at all schools are complete before sending out ITCs.
  14. "Between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 6, 2019, firms are prohibited from contacting students and students are prohibited from contacting firms." In other words, the period in between the end of in-firms and before call day. There is no such restriction after OCIs. But, it turns out they were referring to the Calgary recruit anyway, which has different rules that apply.
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