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  1. RickyBubbles01

    Ask a 1L - USask Edition

    How does living in Saskatoon compare to living in Regina?
  2. RickyBubbles01

    30 Points in Less than 2 Months?

    Sorry, I can't remember. 7sage's logic games method is actually posted online for free though. I'll post the link so you can go check it out if you want. https://7sage.com/how-to-get-a-perfect-score-on-the-logic-games/
  3. RickyBubbles01

    30 Points in Less than 2 Months?

    You probably don't have the best chances of going from a 138 to a 165 but let me share some tips that really helped me improve my scores. For logic games, watching 7sage's free online logic games explanations helped a lot. I would do a section of logic games, then watch the explanations, and then repeat the inferences they made, in the order that they made them, 10 times. This was hugely helpful for me and I ended up getting just one question wrong for LG on test day. For logical reasoning, Mike Kim's LSAT trainer is awesome. For reading comprehension, I tried lots of different approaches (7sage, Powerscore, LSAT trainer, Barons) and didn't find any one of them more helpful than the others. The key thing is just getting comfortable with one approach and using it consistently.
  4. RickyBubbles01

    Any French Interviews yet?

    Thank god you called! Glad I don't have to nervously refresh minerva for the next couple of days now.
  5. RickyBubbles01

    Chances 89.4% B2 and 153 LSAT

    Your chances probably aren't fantastic with a 153 LSAT. GPA is really good though. Since U of S only considers your highest score, if you could bump up your LSAT just a few points, you'd be in a really good situation. What parts of the LSAT are you struggling with?
  6. RickyBubbles01

    Any French Interviews yet?

    100%. Probably should have said I thought it was bogus when I first brought it up.
  7. RickyBubbles01

    Any French Interviews yet?

  8. RickyBubbles01

    Any French Interviews yet?

    I'd assume that we'd start hearing back somewhat soon. Some guy on reddit said he was accepted already with a 144 LSAT.
  9. I remember now! Once you have completed all the necessary components, the pay tab shows up. Since the "academic history" tab has that little red sliver on the left side, I think that means it isn't completely filled out yet. Once you fill that out, a pay tab should appear and you should be good to go.
  10. I might not be the best at describing this but there are little tabs you can click on at the top of your application. The tab on the far right says "pay" and you can pay for your application there. I'm pretty sure that once you've paid for your application, filled out and saved every section, then you just get updates by clicking on the "status" tab which is on the tab on the far left. Might want to check with the admissions offices though. I can't remember if I'm 100% correct on that.
  11. RickyBubbles01

    Will US schools see a higher GPA than Canadian ones?

    Wow, that is really friendly towards Canadian GPAs.
  12. RickyBubbles01

    Will US schools see a higher GPA than Canadian ones?

    Is this 100% the conversion scale that is used?
  13. RickyBubbles01

    Chances of being admitted early?

  14. Just wondering if anyone has any idea how many people the U of S accepts who have only completed 2 years of undergrad. I thought I read something about it somewhere but can't seem to find any information online.