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  1. Idk the specific date but I'm pretty sure it was late January last year.
  2. I'm in the exact same boat as you lol. Before I decided to defer last year, I applied for Grad House and ended up waitlisted despite applying immediately after applications opened. I was notified that I was waitlisted in late June and I was ultimately offered a spot in mid July. Since they seem to move pretty slowly, it might be a good idea to make Grad House your plan B.
  3. I'm not 100% sure but I don't think anything else was necessary.
  4. Yeah it was really, really helpful for logical reasoning. I highly recommend it.
  5. Got a score high in the 140s on my diagnostic test. I self-studied using lots of different LSAT methods (the Bibles, Mike Kim's trainer, LSAT superprep, a Barron's textbook, 7Sage, and probably a few others I'm forgetting). Learning different methods was sorta helpful but the biggest thing for me was to just hammer out lots and lots of practice tests and to blind review them thoroughly. I eventually did every practice LSAT available. I committed about 8 hours per day for four months to studying btw. Eventually, I was averaging a 172-175 on PTs with the odd outlier. My highest PT score was a 179. I ended up with a 167 on test day.
  6. It's been a while since I wrote the LSAT but IIRC, I found the Trainer to be marginally better than the Bible. I found 7sage to be much, much better than both of them though.
  7. I used 7Sage's method and got one question wrong when I wrote. I found 7sage to be much, much more useful than the Bible's method. Actually, out of all the study methods I tried, I found 7sage to be by far the best. Better than Kaplan, Barron's, Mike Kim, etc. Unfortunately, 7sage's logic games explanations are no longer available for free on youtube. But if you want to shell out some money, you might find it to be worth it to you.
  8. I'm leaning towards doing the fall term online. I'm still debating it though because it feels like I'd be missing out on a lot of stuff by not being in the city.
  9. Can anyone who lived in grad house talk about what that was like? I've heard mixed reviews.
  10. You should look at B2 and L2 GPA schools. Here's a thread that might be useful:
  11. If, for whatever reason, a law career doesn't work out, I'll probably get a trade. I worked in maintenance for most of undergrad and loved it.
  12. I really, really hope they don't do that. Moving across the country mid-semester or between semesters would really suck. If law school is online for the first semester, I hope it's online all year.
  13. I got into U of T this year with one W on my transcript. I really doubt that it had any impact on my application.
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