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  1. cGPA: 3.54, L2/B2: 3.72, LSAT: 166 (highest) Most likely will be declining!
  2. In off the waitlist! Will most likely be declining for another school. cGPA: 3.54, LSAT: 166 (highest)
  3. Waitlisted on March 29th as well! cGPA: 3.54, LSAT: 166 (3rd write)
  4. Hi, all! Apologies if this is an obvious question, but having the status of Still to be Considered isn't equivalent to being waitlisted, is it?
  5. Just got the email! cGPA: 3.54 LSAT: 156, 159, 166 General category, Ontario (but not Northern) resident
  6. Same here! My stats are very much the same as those who were admitted today, so I'm hoping it'll span the rest of today and tomorrow as well
  7. Just got the email today! cGPA: 3.54/4, B2/L2: 3.72/4 LSAT 156, 159, 166
  8. Just got the call! cGPA: 3.54/4 (without drops) LSAT: 156, 159, 166 General Category
  9. Make sure you're not burning yourself out. I was plateauing around the mid-late 150s, and I scored my PB after doing nothing LSAT-related for 2 days, I believe. Those rest days can help more than you know!
  10. I'm definitely excited to get it over with.. my PTs have been slightly better than expected, but I'm excited to go through all the sections one last time on test day, and not think about it again until scores are released (I see no point in wondering and overthinking about what I feel I got right/wrong on the test, it won't change what my score is). Even if I end up having to re-write, it'll be unfortunate and less than ideal but with the test only a couple days away, I know I've done what I can the last couple months to prepare and I know it'll be worth it!
  11. Just wondering, is it a must to be involved in some kind of law-related extracurricular at your university to stand out in applications? I would assume that a lot of applications have it, so does that mean it doesn't mean a great deal anymore? I know that having leadership positions (which I have, just not in law-related organizations) are a plus, but is there a certain advantage to being involved in law-related clubs rather than others (that say, are of your own personal interest)? Thanks!
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