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  1. I'm pretty sure I could access the funds the next day after providing proof of enrolment.
  2. I can't speak to whether it plays a role in admissions but it definitely helped me academically once I got in. Starting first year with a basic understanding of contracts, torts, real estate, civil procedure, etc was a huge advantage considering there is a steep learning curve in 1L. You'd also enter law school with an existing legal network, which may be of benefit during recruits. Good luck on your LSAT!
  3. I looked into this last year but decided against it. It's much more expensive than just renting a room off-campus and it's still a 15 minute walk from the law building. There are also ~20 people sharing each bathroom in Laurier.
  4. I removed myself after getting in elsewhere, sorry I can't help.
  5. You can access the syllabus and timetables on myosgoode.yorku.ca without signing in.
  6. FYI the deadline for the July 3rd batch of offers is today.
  7. I agree. A 171 is already 98th percentile so you don't have much growing room.
  8. You can contact the rep from any city - http://www.scotiabank.com/ca/common/pdf/personal_banking/Scotiabank_SPSP_representative_English.pdf
  9. Does the 3.9 include UVic's drops? If so, your index score is 882.5, which would not have been competitive last year. I was waitlisted with ~879 but ultimately did not get in. I believe auto-admit scores have ranged from 905-920.
  10. I was referred for several months last year and then admitted in June. Windsor is kind of unpredictable so you just have to hang in there! Good luck!
  11. I think you should only cancel if you know for certain that you did poorly (like missing an entire section). Otherwise, it can be difficult to feel out how you did and you may be cancelling a great score.
  12. I had looked into this last cycle and can't remember each school's specific policy but I think it's pretty standard that you may be accepted before a re-write, but you won't be rejected.
  13. There is a spot on the OLSAS application to indicate you plan to take a future test
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