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  1. I was referred for several months last year and then admitted in June. Windsor is kind of unpredictable so you just have to hang in there! Good luck!
  2. I think you should only cancel if you know for certain that you did poorly (like missing an entire section). Otherwise, it can be difficult to feel out how you did and you may be cancelling a great score.
  3. I had looked into this last cycle and can't remember each school's specific policy but I think it's pretty standard that you may be accepted before a re-write, but you won't be rejected.
  4. There is a spot on the OLSAS application to indicate you plan to take a future test
  5. I called earlier and asked why I have Indigenous Legal Traditions but not Torts. They emailed me saying the courses are correct and the Faculty of Law website is being updated. I guess they moved Torts back to 2L??
  6. Mine is there now too as of this afternoon!
  7. Mine is still showing -500 as well. Are you near the end of the alphabet? Someone in the Facebook group mentioned registration is happening in alphabetical order.
  8. Anyone else still showing -500?
  9. Same here. I think we just have to wait until after registration on the 6th.
  10. FYI - the list has moved 9 spots since the June 28 update
  11. Tuition is due on August 15 so that will probably wean out anyone who is not hard-set on attending.
  12. If you don’t use your loc at all in first year, would you have access to 83.4k in 2L?
  13. http://www.scotiabank.com/ca/common/pdf/personal_banking/Scotiabank_SPSP_representative_English.pdf You can reach out to the representative in either city. They will email you a package/application form to start the process.
  14. If it eases your anxiety, remember that it took many reference letters for a professor to get to their position - most are happy to pay it forward.
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