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  1. It is certainly a real law school and the students graduate with a USask degree. It is a 4 year program, meaning the current students finish at the same time as the current 1Ls (they told us this in orientation). Some of them were down for a visit in the fall and some of us will be going up in the next few years to visit with those students.
  2. USask has a factum for 1Ls that is a group project (one other person). Everything else is independent in first year.
  3. I was accepted in late April with similar stats to yours last year. A lot of my classmates heard back in the May-June range and one of my friends (who had pretty good stats, better than me anyways) was accepted off the wait list in August. Your Sask connection matters a lot. Also remember that a lot of decisions are still waiting on Winter semester grades to be submitted.
  4. I am a current 1L at uSask. Quite a few people in my class are looking at the Calgary market and I know some of them have had interviews. It is obviously more difficult to network with Calgary firms, but some of them put on events in Saskatoon.
  5. I was accepted before they received my final semesters grades.
  6. I think you’ve got a pretty good chance. I was accepted last year with similar stats.
  7. I went on my honeymoon for over a month the summer before 1L. Basically took the entire summer off to relax.
  8. I got accepted in April last year with nearly identical stats. I had a strong Sask connection.
  9. I got in with similar stats (slightly better GPA), but I have a very strong Saskatchewan connection.
  10. That's awesome! I was not aware of that. Best of luck in the admissions process!
  11. In Calgary and Saskatchewan it seems like there is a big emphasis on the 1L job recruit. I know our career development office has been posting Calgary jobs like crazy over the past little bit.
  12. I convocated with "high honours" and it came up in my 1L job interview. Ultimately I think it played a small role in me getting hired. They were more interested in my thesis than the actual grades.
  13. The June 1st deadline is if you are currently in school (still have to send your fall grades by the Feb 1st deadline). I would call Doreen in the admissions office and see if there is anything that can be done.
  14. It depends on what your workload was like in undergrad. I don't find it too bad, but I also worked a full-time job and took 5 classes per semester. I'd say readings take me around 4 hours per night, but that is highly dependent on the time of year (ramps up during finals and major papers). I find that I have a few hours every night to go to the gym, see my wife, and keep up a hobby.
  15. If you want to practice in Montreal, go to McGill. If I were you, I would wait until I was required to put the seat deposit down at uSask and see if you got into McGill. If you haven't by that point, you can always pay the deposit and then withdraw later (provided you decide to attend law school this year).
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