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  1. I think you're going to need a rewrite. 150 is not overly competitive.
  2. I blame Suits. Isn't 170 like the magic number they use whenever discussing the LSAT?
  3. We have not heard anything, nor do I think we likely will hear anything until the summer.
  4. Honestly, I hate it. Profs are trying as best they can, but the social aspect of law school is all but gone. I find it is also much more difficult to motivate myself in online courses. It is a massive difference.
  5. My experience was that my 1L summer position in Saskatchewan was incredibly valuable. It set me up for a job in second year, and later articling. This of course depends on the province you're in, but in Saskatchewan the recruitment for 1L positions happens pretty early in the Fall semester.
  6. Alright, let's do this one last time. With acceptances rolling in soon, I figured now is as good a time as any to post this thread. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have regarding USask or jobs. I can try to answer questions in reference to applications, but it has been a few years since I went through that process.
  7. I got married and went on a month long honeymoon. Did not think about law school at all. I did a decent amount of leisure reading because I enjoy it. Wouldn't go back and do it any other way.
  8. As a 3L I like to think that all readings are optional (just because it makes me feel better when I dont do them), but uh.... first semester of 1L? I'd probably be doing the readings.
  9. I had a similar experience as you. I was on put on academic probation for my first year of undergrad after my Dad had a brain aneurysm. I brought my grades back up over the next few years of undergrad, but still didn't have a stellar (or even good) cumulative GPA. I still got into several schools. Academic probation for a year hasn't held me back from getting in to law school or securing summer positions/articling.
  10. USask will be online in the fall.
  11. You have to send two copies of your transcripts. This is mainly for people who are still in school (my acceptance was contingent on sending my 4th year grades for example). However, it makes the process more streamlined to just require it from everyone. That was my experience working for the FGSR at the U of R anyways. Basically we had a box that we checked off when people sent in the copies we required so we could move on to the next. Usually you have 2-3 people sorting through over 1000 applications so having the same requirements for everyone makes their jobs a bit easier.
  12. Legal historians are likely fighting for the same jobs as other historians. For example the legal historian who I took classes from taught history of the prairie west, and Roman history on top of one or two legal history classes. His research was exclusively legal history, but the market is saturated and budgets are so low he has to be a Jack-of-all trades historian. Legal history is such a niche that I doubt there is a huge job market for them. That said I was involved in a history graduate program at a prairie university, so I cant speak to the demand elsewhere.
  13. I had a history professor in undergrad that did his LLB and MA in History at Queen's. He later went on to do his PhD. He's a legal historian and says that law school was invaluable for helping him understand the content. That said, I'm not sure it has much of a use outside that.
  14. Just be honest. I applied broadly and listed all the schools I applied to. They are certainly using it for data purposes and I doubt it holds any weight on your admissions decision.
  15. I did an Honours thesis in Canadian History and while it helped me in the first year Indigenous and Constitutional law classes at the beginning, my classmates quickly caught up. I may have understood the context of the course a bit better, but ultimately studying Canadian political history didn't really help when doing a Paramountcy test. The only real advantage my undergrad gave me was being used to doing a lot of reading and not being terrified of a 35+ page major paper. And honestly, that's negligible.
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