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  1. Bolieve

    Usask transfer after 1L

    I'd recommend calling Doreen in the admissions office. She would be able to give you more concrete answers to your questions.
  2. Bolieve

    Annual LS.ca Textbook Scholarship

    I have received the textbooks. Big thanks to @BookScholarship2018 and the rest that have honoured this tradition.
  3. Bolieve

    Schedule and Booklist

    The schedule is already up on the site under the current students tab. As for when we are assigned our sections and receive our booklists, I hope it’s soon!
  4. Bolieve


    Your chances are pretty unknown until you have an official LSAT score. USask takes your best 2 years of university into consideration I believe. What is your B2 and cgpa? I was accepted with a 156 LSAT and 3.7ish GPA (B2 probably about a 3.9) in late April.
  5. Bolieve

    USask vs Dalhousie vs TRU

    I chose uSask over TRU to be closer to family. The advice I received is to study where you want to practice. Proximity to family and tuition cost ultimately helped my wife and I make the decision, but it wasn’t an easy one. I’d say go to TRU if you want to practice in B.C. It will make networking much easier.
  6. Bolieve

    Admitted to Saskatchewan 2018

    Made the decision to attend uSask in the Fall. See you all there!
  7. Bolieve

    Accepted to TRU 2018

    Declined my offer today in favour of uSask. Hopefully one of you guys here gets my spot!
  8. Bolieve

    windsor us/can jd VS mcgill ?

    If you want to practice in the States, you’re better off with McGill. Most Canadians don’t care about school prestige, but Americans do. Detroit Mercy is a low end American school. McGill is internationally recognized and would likely better your job prospects. Plus $120,000 is a lot of money saved.
  9. Bolieve

    Chances- Highly Unlikely? (2.9, 3.48)

    As other people have said it will take a lot of work, but it’s doable. Study for the LSAT like crazy and focus on schools with L2/B2 or that have generous drops (Manitoba, etc.). From what I gather, going overseas for school costs more and hurts your job prospects after school (the firms know you went overseas because you couldn’t get into a Canadian law school). I would buckle down and study for the LSAT like crazy. Personally I would also push off doing it again until the December write to give yourself a few extra months and you would still be eligible for the next application cycle. Also don’t bother applying to U of A. They average your LSAT and are a purely numbers based school. You are better off focusing on holistic schools, ones with generous drops, and the other L2/B2 ones. Edit: To add to this, if you’re not scoring near perfect on logic games that is an area where you can greatly increase your score. I wasn’t sure if I was getting in anywhere this year so since January I’ve been working on mastering logic games and now I’m PTing in the mid 160s. It’s the section you can surely improve on the most and can greatly help your score.
  10. Bolieve

    Scotiabank PSLOC

    Scotiabank’s offer is the same regardless of school. I was approved for $125k at Prime for TRU (and said it wouldn’t make a difference when I told them I was thinking about going to Sask). It’s the standard offer for law students. Edit: As @Timmies123 pointed out the standard is Prime plus 0.5, but all I had to do to get Prime was to ask for it.
  11. Bolieve

    TRU vs Sask

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I will probably be choosing Sask!
  12. Bolieve

    TRU vs Sask

    My father is in pretty poor health. Being able to come home to visit on weekends every once in awhile would be pretty nice. That being said my wife loves BC and really wants us to make it out there eventually (anyone who as dealt with -40 would!) I guess I just want to make sure that I wouldn’t be shooting myself in the foot by delaying the move by a few years and limiting my amount of debt. We also have 2 people in our close friend group who are moving to Saskatoon next year which would also be nice.
  13. Bolieve

    TRU vs Sask

    Hey guys. I’m trying to decide between TRU and Sask. I’m from Sask, although My wife and I don’t want to live here after law school as we would prefer to move to BC. For that reason I was leaning towards TRU, but the tuition cost difference and proximity to home makes Sask pretty appealing. It would be only a 2.5 hour drive home rather than a plane ride. How well do Sask grads do out in BC? I understand it will be harder to network, but the monetary savings almost seem worth it.
  14. Bolieve

    Admitted to Saskatchewan 2018

    Accepted this afternoon. GPA: 3.7/3.8 depending on how they calculated it. LSAT: 156 Very strong Sask connection. Born and raised, undergrad, coming from a family that includes several MLA's over the past few decades. Not sure if I will be accepting or not.... Going to be a tough choice with my fiancee.
  15. Bolieve

    Accepted to TRU 2018

    If it helps, the Facebook group is currently at 84 students, but some may not have joined yet (plus the few that have been accepted the past week or so once the 1L rep confirms they are in the class). There’s usually around 110 students from what I gather so there is still a bit of hope!