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  1. Bolieve

    Ask a 1L - USask Edition

    That's awesome! I was not aware of that. Best of luck in the admissions process!
  2. Bolieve

    How common is a 1L job at a law firm?

    In Calgary and Saskatchewan it seems like there is a big emphasis on the 1L job recruit. I know our career development office has been posting Calgary jobs like crazy over the past little bit.
  3. I convocated with "high honours" and it came up in my 1L job interview. Ultimately I think it played a small role in me getting hired. They were more interested in my thesis than the actual grades.
  4. Bolieve

    Ask a 1L - USask Edition

    The June 1st deadline is if you are currently in school (still have to send your fall grades by the Feb 1st deadline). I would call Doreen in the admissions office and see if there is anything that can be done.
  5. Bolieve

    Ask a 1L - USask Edition

    It depends on what your workload was like in undergrad. I don't find it too bad, but I also worked a full-time job and took 5 classes per semester. I'd say readings take me around 4 hours per night, but that is highly dependent on the time of year (ramps up during finals and major papers). I find that I have a few hours every night to go to the gym, see my wife, and keep up a hobby.
  6. Bolieve

    USask vs McGill

    If you want to practice in Montreal, go to McGill. If I were you, I would wait until I was required to put the seat deposit down at uSask and see if you got into McGill. If you haven't by that point, you can always pay the deposit and then withdraw later (provided you decide to attend law school this year).
  7. Bolieve

    Ask a 1L - USask Edition

    I don't regret it at all (well except when I was frantically trying to get my factum to print on Monday). I'm from Saskatchewan so I wanted to stay close to home. As @deadjava already said, the job market is pretty good. There are some 1L summer jobs available and I was fortunate enough to land one. The new career development program needs some work (it got revamped this year), but it is a step in the right direction. Plus there is always someone around to help with resume/cover letter writing! Sorry for the late response, I went into full hibernation mode after handing in my factum.
  8. Bolieve

    Ask a 1L - USask Edition

    I haven’t found the transition too hard. They are fairly similar cities. There’s a bit more traffic (the bridges create a bottleneck), but public transit is a lot better. The parking at the university is much worse than Regina which is why most people just bus. Rent is about the same, and there is faster internet available.
  9. Bolieve

    Ask a 1L - USask Edition

    Well I’m a little biased because I’m from Regina (so we naturally hate Saskatoon), but I’ve enjoyed it so far. Rent is pretty reasonable, public transit isn’t awful, and you can drive anywhere in a reasonable amount of time. The selection of restaurants isn’t too bad, and there is often something going on. If you’re worried about the cold, you just have to dress for the weather.
  10. Bolieve

    Ask a 1L - USask Edition

    1. Overall experience: My overall experience has been great. I've been enjoying classes, having fun at networking events, and making lots of friends. It's a small school so you'll know everyone quite well and the profs really are fantastic. There is a lot of drinking events which really aren't my scene (wife complains if I call at 3am needing a ride), but there isn't any pressure to actually drink. 2. Course content: Like all students and subjects, there are classes that I enjoy, and classes that I don't. They added a new course for 1Ls this year which added to our workload significantly (more readings in that class per week than all the other classes combined), but overall it is still very manageable. I worked full-time while taking a full course load throughout undergrad so maybe it is just my time management skills helping me, but I haven't found it overwhelming. There are certainly busy/sleepless nights when things like your first year memo are due, or when you're closing in on exam time, but overall I haven't minded it. 3. Social aspects: I love the social aspects at USask. The LSA does a really good job during welcome week to introduce you to everyone. Since you get broken into 2 sections (and they are competitive between each other), you get to know the 60 odd students in your classes quite well. As with any school, there will be some people that you don't particularly like, but overall I get along with most people quite well. I have also made some really good friends already and the upper years are super approachable. 4. How I have changed: I think the biggest change for me was not procrastinating. In undergrad, I would leave papers and studying for the night before, but you cannot do that in law school. Also, I make sure I do the readings everyday rather than skipping them which I often did before this year and it really paid off for me come exam time.
  11. USask will require all of your updated transcripts including your fall and winter grades, but the decision can be made before then (still required to submit the transcripts).
  12. With exams finally being done and my hangover mostly cured (and people being accepted), I figured that it would be a good time to answer any and all questions that people have about the College of Law. I'll try to respond to questions that are posted after the Christmas break as well, but I can't promise to answer them as fast! Anyways, I'm a current 1L! Send me any burning questions that you may have!
  13. Bolieve

    Chances? (3.21 cGPA / 3.56 L2 / 155)

    Usask is a possibility if you have a strong sask connection, but a higher LSAT score would give you a much better chance. I was accepted with a 156 and a 3.8 but had a strong sask connection.
  14. Bolieve

    Is 35 too old to go to law school?

    Plenty of people in my class are in their thirties! Nothing wrong with that!
  15. Bolieve

    No word?

    They usually start sending acceptances out around this time. Sometimes sooner; sometimes later. Some people not on this site may have also been accepted. From what I’ve heard from my classmates, not many people get accepted in December.