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  1. Depends on what your goals are. USask would be cheaper, both for living expenses and tuition. U of A would be better if your goal was to practice in Alberta, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference. I also wouldn't say Alberta has an undoubtedly better legal market. There is plenty of demand for lawyers in Saskatchewan, depending on where your interests lie.
  2. 1. I loved torts because of BVT (the prof). She is incredible and makes learning a lot of fun. My least favourite was mainly contracts, mostly because I struggled to find the material interesting. 2. I think how close knit the class ends up being. It’s pretty crazy having everyone know everyone. Also how early 1L summer job applications are due is pretty crazy. 3. I spent too long studying the material and too little time doing practice exams. 4. There are not many 1L summer positions. I think it’s something along the lines of 15-20 positions for the entire first year class. It is more common for 1Ls in Saskatchewan, more so because the 2L summer recruit isn’t emphasized as much as it is in other provinces. 5. It certainly put a strain on it, but we made it through. I have no doubt it would have been really fun being single, but being able to come home and vent to someone was pretty handy. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve had a crazy day at work.
  3. Since I have received several messages and have seen posts with questions, I figured it was time to do an updated AMA. A little about myself: I’m a rising 1L currently working at a large firm over the summer. I’m happy to answer any questions on either school or life as a summer student. I’m sure many of you are nervous, so feel free to ask me anything (regardless of if you think it is a stupid question).
  4. Parking: A lot of students bus. There is parking, but the lots are far away and who gets passes is decided on a lotto system. It’s more expensive than the U of R and personally, I prefer the bus to get to the College. Registration: Yes, you will get access sometime in August as well as the orientation information. Student lounge: We have the lawby with foosball, tables, and chairs. It’s not massive, but it has microwaves and is a nice enough space. Lockers: Yes, there are lockers to rent for LSA members. That’ll be dealt with first day when you buy your membership. Classes: Go to class, stay on top of readings, work on your CANs throughout the semester, make sure you ask questions/go to office hours, and most importantly have fun!
  5. It varies school by school. USask for example has a B minus curve (until recently it was actually a C plus curve). Most produce a grade distribution and employers take that into account.
  6. I took several first year classes in my fourth year. Law Schools get that you have to meet your school's requirements to convocate. You'll be fine.
  7. I've had a few people start justifying their career choices. Like Becky, I respect you becoming a teacher and improving our future. You don't have to tell me that you debated law school or medical school or whatever and decided you wanted to make a better future. Honestly though, most people don't really care and I like it that way. I'm a fairly quiet and reserved person who doesn't like to talk about themselves so it really only comes up when I'm asked what I'm studying/where I'm working for the summer.
  8. To offer some reassurance, a good number of my classmates got in between June and August.
  9. I have a thinkpad x1 carbon and love it, but both Mac and PC have their merits. It honestly shouldn’t make a difference and is just a matter of personal preference.
  10. I would keep your eye on your emails rather than the admissions page. I don’t recall it ever changing (although once I got the email I didn’t check it very much).
  11. Mine never changed before I received the email last year.
  12. As someone who goes to uSask... go to UVic. I love uSask, but you should go to school in the province that you want to practice in. You’ll make new connections in BC.
  13. I go to uSask and a lot of my classmates are aiming for Calgary jobs. The big firms do recruit from uSask (but I’m sure they also recruit from TRU). Our career centre does carry a lot of information/works a lot with Calgary firms and many of my classmates received interviews and job offers in Calgary. Our tuition is cheaper, but Saskatoon weather can be pretty nasty too. Honestly I think you would be fine with either school for the Calgary recruitment and it depends on personal preference.
  14. I’ve been freaking out about finals since I finished two weeks ago. I was sure I failed contracts or property, but I ended up doing decent in all my classes. If you prepared for the exams, I wouldn’t be worried.
  15. I got my LOC with Scotiabank with just an acceptance letter (but had to submit a confirmation of enrolment as soon as one became available).
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