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  1. Forget stuff like the law journal, or research assistance work with profs, they're absolutely useless to employers at this point. They want litigation clinical experience, etc.
  2. Get lots of clinical experience in the upcoming year. You probably can't do anything about your grades, but you need to get as much practical clinical experience as possible to boost your resume.
  3. Law Works P.C. emailed me at about 10:30 am to schedule an interview. No ITC ahead of time.
  4. Edward H Royle called without ITC, so did LaFontaine Associates.
  5. If by some luck a firm calls you without an ITC because there was a slot opening, and you're not there, i doubt they'll wait for you before going down their list.
  6. Ministry of Transportation ITC via phone call, almost at 6pm!
  7. Guess that's all folks. Good luck tomorrow morning!
  8. Himelfarb Proszanski ITC @ ~5 mins before 5pm. For future thread readers, there's hope until the very end! lol
  9. Yeah, it spans into Tuesday. I'm allotting 1.5 hours each. I've been told by friends who've gone through the process that these interviews typically aren't very long and often end after an hour max.
  10. Are you interviewing at places that typically conduct second or even third interviews? I've scheduled in 7 interviews slots, saved 2 slots for second interviews, and 2-3 slots for potential wildcards tomorrow. From what I've heard from friends who've gone through the process, these interviews don't take very long.
  11. The sample of students on lawstudents.ca are really not representative of the student body at large.
  12. Crown Law Office - Civil ITC (30 mins after a poster first announced s/he received one)
  13. Has anyone heard anything from criminal defence firms? (aside from Greenspan Humphrey and Alan Gold)
  14. Have you gotten a PFO from Stikes yet? If not, you should be more pleased by the minute.
  15. 🤨 Out of all the political massacres in history, why did you choose to reference the French Revolution?
  16. if you haven't gotten one already, maybe you won't, and you subconsciously know that
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