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  1. If you're waiting for them to send you more details on the criminal background check, I think that comes around May-ish.
  2. Would B grades in certain courses effectively bar you from practicing in those areas on a large bay st. firm?
  3. So next question: are those grades good enough to lateral into a big firm like BLG? (she's not depending on her grades alone to get the job, obviously).
  4. Does this have something to do with the fact these are midsize or small bay st. firms? What if she was thinking of lateraling into a large bay st. firm that does a lot of public law like BLG?
  5. Here's a hypothetical person. She's currently counsel at Crown Law Office (Civil) (less than 3 years). She's thinking about trying to lateral into a midsize or small bay street firm. How much importance would be put on her grades? Her grades are: 3 B's, 6 B+'s, 9 A's, 5 A+'s.
  6. Wow, it must have been a long time since I did OCI interviews and that I'm completely out of the loop. I didn't know they now offered dinners for OCI interviews.
  7. Firm dinners are offered along with in-firm interviews. You don't get firm dinners unless you were also invited to an in-firm interview. As for the importance of firm dinners, you have essentially no chance to get an offer of a job from a firm that you turn down a dinner invite. Dinner invites are specifically designed to monopolize your time and gauge your priorities. The firm knows where they stand as your top choices if you accept a firm dinner, since students only have the time slot for 2 firm dinners. If a student turns down a firm dinner due to scheduling conflicts with other firm dinners, then the firm knows they're not in your top 2, and will in all likelihood not hire you.
  8. When should all the calls have been made by?
  9. On call day after 5pm, if we're waiting for all the firms to call and offer an articling position, how should we respond to those who called right away? Should we politely thank them for the opportunity but tell them we need some time to see who else calls before making a decision, or do we have to accept on the spot?
  10. I didn't say your grades in a course relevant to your legal field weren't relevant. An A+ in a course in legal research is beautiful on your transcripts, and any reference letter you can get from that prof is great. That being said, research assistance work isn't the same as a course in legal research. Your research work as RA to a professor doesn't really indicate to employers you know how to do research well (unless you get a reference letter from your prof indicating that) or know how to do practical legal research well (academic research can be very different), and so it's not as significant as an A+ in a course in legal research. IMO, at this stage of hiring, RA experience in a legal field is only relevant to employers who practice in that legal field and doesn't really carry over much to other employers. Just my opinion.
  11. In my experience, and from anecdotal evidence, I believe "smaller" employers/firms value students' clinical experience more than their experience with a law journal or research assistance work with a prof because they don't really have the resources to train students for what law is really about (outside of academic legal thought). Larger employers see experience with a law journal or RA work with a prof as a sign of intelligence and value that over experience they can more easily and readily train in their students. My advice to you to focus more on relevant clinical experience is tailored to your situation (you've now struck out of the formal articling recruit and only have any chance with a "smaller" firm).
  12. Forget stuff like the law journal, or research assistance work with profs, they're absolutely useless to employers at this point. They want litigation clinical experience, etc.
  13. Get lots of clinical experience in the upcoming year. You probably can't do anything about your grades, but you need to get as much practical clinical experience as possible to boost your resume.
  14. Law Works P.C. emailed me at about 10:30 am to schedule an interview. No ITC ahead of time.
  15. Caramanna Friedberg called without ITC
  16. Edward H Royle called without ITC, so did LaFontaine Associates.
  17. If by some luck a firm calls you without an ITC because there was a slot opening, and you're not there, i doubt they'll wait for you before going down their list.
  18. Ministry of Transportation ITC via phone call, almost at 6pm!
  19. Guess that's all folks. Good luck tomorrow morning!
  20. Himelfarb Proszanski ITC @ ~5 mins before 5pm. For future thread readers, there's hope until the very end! lol
  21. Yeah, it spans into Tuesday. I'm allotting 1.5 hours each. I've been told by friends who've gone through the process that these interviews typically aren't very long and often end after an hour max.
  22. Are you interviewing at places that typically conduct second or even third interviews? I've scheduled in 7 interviews slots, saved 2 slots for second interviews, and 2-3 slots for potential wildcards tomorrow. From what I've heard from friends who've gone through the process, these interviews don't take very long.
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