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  1. Windsor Office just sent out interview invites to applicants.
  2. I'm sorry, are you saying you know for certain Windsor hasn't invited anyone to interviews, or that you're certain Windsor has but you didn't get one yet? I think it's the former but I just want to confirm.
  3. As some of you might know, the deadline to apply for articling positions with Crown Attorney's Offices outside Toronto has passed. But Crown Attorney's Offices outside of Toronto don't have a synchronized schedule of when they conduct interviews and will typically do so whenever they finish reviewing applications and have the time to host interviewees. Could members of this board update this thread if they know certain Crown Attorney's Offices outside Toronto have sent out invitations for interviews?
  4. Does anyone know what areas of litigation Teplitsky Colson focuses on? I know the practices they list on their website, but I don't know which areas are the firm's bread and butter practices.
  5. Asking for a friend, anyone hear from keyser mason ball llp?
  6. Money and getting immigration status aren't a problem. Are there any other issues, asides that I need to pass the NY bar and learn US law?
  7. Does anyone have an opinion about the likelihood of success for an Ontario JD student with a mid-A average to move into the New York market for criminal law, after being called to the Ontario bar? How about another legal market in the USA? What are some impediments that I may encounter?
  8. I'm not preferring the FCA to the ONCA, I'd obviously be happy clerking at any appeal level court. I'm just wondering if not taking courses in the areas of law the FCA typically sees would be problematic.
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