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  1. Anyone ever done an exchange in 3L? AD Curran has mentioned Copenhagen before but I was wondering if it is possible to do an exchange program in an Asian country. Would you have to seek out a comparable law course yourself or will someone else help you out with that? What would be considered a "comparable" course?
  2. The list I had before also included just the numbers but I think Robson updated the list to include course names and credit hours.
  3. To make it easier, here's a list of CRN numbers for the courses in each section. http://law.robsonhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/First-year-instructions-on-registration-4.pdf
  4. Yeap, we register for each individual course while making sure they're all in one section. On Aurora, there won't be any mention of the different sections, we're just choosing the 7 courses. Also, check out the first day schedule! It was uploaded recently. http://law.robsonhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Orientation-Schedule.pdf
  5. Registration on July 31. The process seems weird since there's little difference between the three sections (and we don't even know who the profs will be until after we register) and we have to register for each course individually. It is what it is though
  6. I checked again and there is a slight difference between the three sections. A03 has property on Monday mornings while A01 and A02 have it Thursday afternoons. All the profs are still TBA on my aurora account. Registration isn't until the 31st so I'm anticipating that it will be updated before then.
  7. Marie sent an email today regarding registration and I take it that we choose our section and stick with that section for all classes. I checked Aurora and it seems like all the sections have the exact same schedule, just different profs.
  8. Someone from the MLSA posted the following message on the Class of 2021 Facebook group page: "You will also notice that our MLSA website is down. We are currently creating a new website and that will come out sometime in June. I’ll post on here when it is ready." Hope that helps.
  9. You've got a pretty good chance. Someone in this cycle was admitted in December with a 75.22 index score (3.92 AGPA and 158 LSAT).
  10. Calculate your index score using your LSAT score and GPA (with drops if applicable). An index score of 74 or above will probably land you an offer.
  11. http://umanitoba.ca/admissions/media/law_bulletin.pdf Index score formula is on page and calculation of AGPA is on page 8. http://law.robsonhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/web-stats-201690.pdf and here are the stats you need to determine your chances.
  12. woo, okay, that puts my heart at ease. I will be accepting my offer then. Thanks!
  13. It will take two more years before I finish my B.A. and no I can't defer admittance if I wanted to finish it first. I've talked to past and current students from Robson Hall. All of them said that the lack of an undergrad degree didn't affect their chances at employment nor did it affect how they did in law school. That lessened my uneasiness towards starting law school this year. I've accepted my offer of admission and will be starting this September. Thank you everyone for your helpful advice
  14. I was wondering whether the lack of an undergrad degree would affect my chances at getting employed after I graduate from law school.
  15. What degree did you finish before applying to law school and did you find that your undergrad experience prepare you well for law? Also, I realized that Robson is one of the very few law schools in Canada that don't require you to have an undergrad degree. Is there anyone on this forum that went to Robson without finishing a degree first? I applied to Robson this cycle and was offered a spot but I still haven't decided whether to accept or decline it. My index is 80.8, which is above most other people (which hopefully implies that I'm competent), but I haven't finished my undergrad degree yet (it would take me at least two more years to do so). I'm wondering if an undergrad degree is necessary in preparing me for law school.
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