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  1. Wow! You must have been procrastinating. I have made the decision based on the fact I keep coming back to it. I’m going through a huge change, leaving my husband. I need a good career and I’m motivated enough to do this. The solidifying moment is my ex hired a lawyer when I have been nothing but accommodating, I did my mediation intake in hopes we could write our own story! I offered holidays together so no one would miss out etc etc I think at this point he’s a horrible person, that does not matter it is what’s best for the kids which is something still going over his head. ... moving on. Family law is what I want to do. I want to not only do this as my career I also want to take on probono cases for SAHM’s like myself. Just because no ones life is in danger I need to do everything myself and figure out everything I need to know without even knowing the stuff that I do need to know. This would be more than a “job” to me. They say if you like what you do you never work a day in your life. So to sum up, no it’s not just for the money. I made notes on your suggestions and advice, added them to my pile of stuff to look into. I appreciate your response. I hope your paper goes well and u find your groove, sometimes getting started is the hardest part 😊
  2. Just because my first line asks a question does not make every single comment related to that one tiny question, I asked others as well. I also had to defend myself for simply asking the question many other things came up. I was stating that schools give misleading information at times period. I never said some lie about being law schools. Again I wanted info and opinions of schools etc from those who have been involved in this process. I’m doing my own research, making apts at schools to get info etc but “schools can give misleading information” IN GENERAL.
  3. Thank you!! For your input. I have so much research to do. Every little bit outside of the info I find and information I receive from my apts with the schools is greatly appreciated. I’m taking notes from the helpful comments to make sure nothing mentioned goes without further research
  4. Really? I know many people who have been mislead by a School and it was not as “well recognized” in the work force as claimed. Or the guarantee that 95% of students get hired from the practicum when those stats are not accurate. As well as leading some to believe to continue on in a program with the GPA they have ensuring for sure you will gain entry into the program. just to find out that sure that’s what the website says but it’s not actually true based on the competitiveness of the program etc etc I was lucky to be hired from my practicum and remain on the honorroll but u can’t be naive enough to think that no one has ever got misleading information or only part of the story to the benefit of the one who’s pitching u the information hence research and opinions of people who have done it etc
  5. I already knew the LSAT score information, that does not mean I know everything that needs to take place before it/after it/surrounding it. That was not one of my questions
  6. I appreciate those who have given information and suggestions. Some of it I have already come across and some will lead me to more research 😊 I appreciate any information given to help expand the areas I can look into, things I may not have before posting.
  7. @providence I appreciate your kind response. It’s hard to know what u need to know before u need to know it. (That sounds kind of rediculous) this is a huge step for me I’m doing all my research but definitely wanted opinions of those who have done it. It’s no longer just me I need to think about, I can’t leave any stone unturned before heading down this path.
  8. Just because I gave basic info when asking my question and did not write out a novel explaining all the info I already found or my life story should not justify the responses I got. If you are on here clearly you needed guidance and opinions at one point .. should u have received the backlash I have because someone didn’t agree with the info you gave or how you worded your question. The only way I can see the responses I received is if I wrote “thinking of going to law schoool and go.....”
  9. Wow! If someone was to post on a pharmacy board asking questions basic or not I would answer them, or just ignore it completely. My life is not that horrible that I feel the need to attack people for asking a question. You don’t know What type of info/tips u might need to know unless u have done it. I have a lot of info regarding pharmacy that you would not have been able to just look up and know you needed to know it. It comes with experience and being involved in the feild. Basic to me I don’t expect others to have all the info I do, nor would it make me feel superior over anyone asking questions. Get off your high horse, clearly when u have already done it everything is basic and easy. You can’t tell me you just “knew” everything starting off. Looking back is always 20/20 I will say this one last time I am ALSO doing my own research and asked for any other info that may be helpful from those who have done it.
  10. If you read above someone said take the LSATS FIRST .. my response was to them. Again clearly I’m not the only one who can’t function independently if u can’t gather I’m doing my own research as well
  11. I AM Doing research did u not read directly above? I am ALSO trying to get info from those who have done it. (I mean really I basically just repeated myself- how u missed this information from above is beyond me) I don’t remember saying anyone was responsible for my future. 😂 again gathering any and all information I can from those who have DONE it. My comment was in respect to the the rude belittling attitude I am getting from trying to ask opinions. If you can’t decipher from my clarification what I’m looking for and already doing on my end not even sure what to say to that. Sad again ppl let’s keep the comments helpful, this is rediculous! I feel like I posted in a high school group.. frankly I’m a little embarrassed for those who have felt the need to be condisending and belittling.
  12. Ok. Thank you all, I wanted to make sure I was not missing one and that we did only have three. You can write the LSAT before you have the university degree to even apply following the test? (As in you can write it “for fun”?) I have already ordered and LSAT book to read and go over. My post secondary is nothing other than a certificate. I still need the 3-4years of university before applying .. on a side note wow most of you come off as very condescending. If u feel the need to be none other than rude why reply at all. Clearly I’m looking for opinions of students and people who have done it. Maybe you are unaware but schools can give you misleading information at times, as they are a buisness as well. In doing proper research you not only talk to the schools, future job prospects, look into cost/time/likeyhood of getting a job following School. It’s smart to talk to people who have walked that path ... I will not apologize for trying to cover all my basis. Im not your mother, but I suggest if you have nothing helpful to say keep it to yourself. Your bad day should not be my problem when all I am doing is looking for advice. Thank you to the few that answered some of my questions or asked more to clarify my post.
  13. Hi all l have been on the fence, talked off several times about persuing a legal career. I have another career, young kids and am in my late 20’s. I have decided it’s time, you only live once! I keep going back to this decision. I will be basically starting from scratch ... I live in BC and want to know the best route/schools/programs that are accepted when applying to law school (least amount of schooling before law I can with still being competitive) which schools offer law in bc and which ones are most “recommended”? Any other info you are willing to share is greatly appreciated
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