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  1. It's definitely comforting seeing how many people said they found law school easier than their undergrad. I really didn't think that could be possible.
  2. I relate to this a lot. A lot of people not in the legal field don't really have a good understanding of what IP law is so they definitely don't see any form of connection between a STEM undergrad and a law degree.
  3. Hi guys, I'm just starting Law school in the fall and I'm looking for another law student to share the place with. It is in a great neighbourhood about 10 minutes away from the University. There is more details in the kijiji ad posted so feel free to take a look and call/text the number on the ad if you are interested. Thanks! https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1362735109&siteLocale=en_CA
  4. I definitely do have an interest in IP but the field just isn't very big in my city so realistically I don't see myself specializing.
  5. Madkap77

    Best Residence on Campus?

    Yeah I would second the post saying look for off campus rental. There's lots of nice neighbourhoods and the city is small enough that you should never be more than 15 minutes away from campus.
  6. I get asked a lot and still have trouble coming up with a good answer. I was a computer science major so I usually just tell people I like problem solving I just want it to have a more personal touch with others.
  7. I'm wondering what other engineers who decided to pursue law school answer to this question. For me it has always been something I was interested in and I found that logic needed to do well in my computer science degree carried over nicely to the logic needed for Law studies. Furthermore I just find the field of law to be more interesting than technology though they definitely both have their pros and cons.
  8. Madkap77

    Admitted to Saskatchewan 2018

    Just got my letter! 3.3 GPA 162 LSAT strong sask connection. Will be accepting
  9. Madkap77

    Chances: 3.3 GPA and 153 LSAT

    Your GPA is close. With a better lsat you would get in.
  10. Madkap77

    Date change on application

    Yeah I did. My guess is they are sending out the first wave sometime this week.
  11. My B2 is slightly higher but still don't think it breaks 80. I'm a current U of S student so I have a strong connection.