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  1. Mine just got updated and is now showing tuition. Also, got a hold of some people at Windsor who said they are simply running behind schedule, and that if we aren't registered and paid by tomorrow, we will simply accrue late charges that will just get reimbursed by the University when we do finally pay. So nothing to worry about, really. I was concerned that my acceptance might be voided if I didn't pay by tonight, but that doesn't seem to be the case based on what I've heard.
  2. LOL not exactly precise legal language
  3. Interesting! That makes sense, I'm an S. I'm gonna call the registrar soon, so I'll post back with any information I get. Thanks for your reply, at least I know 'm not alone!
  4. Yes, it definitely is the deposit that we all had to pay earlier in the Summer. I'm just confused as to why it hasn't updated to include my tuition, because tuition is due tomorrow. Luckily I found the actual extension of my advisor at the registrar so hopefully I can get a hold of her when the office opens soon and figure out what to do.
  5. Hey everybody Is anyone else's account summary sowing -$500? Both my SIS accounts and my.windsor accounts are showing -$500. Obviously, with tuition due tomorrow I am a little concerned that perhaps I have missed a step along the way in my online registration. Is anyone else in the same boat? I've already e-mailed Francine and Leah and will be calling the registrar's office when they open. Will keep you updated on what I hear back.
  6. Hi there, just to clarify - is this account your my.windsor account? Your SIS account? When I log into my my.windsor account and check on "Account Summary" under "Financial Matters", all I am seeing is -$500. Starting to get a little freaked out! I'm gonna call the Registrar's office as soon as they open to see if they can help. I feel like an idiot not having this done the day before everything is due, I think I must have missed a step somewhere in my earlier registration. I just went to my SIS account this morning, and added my SIN number. I didn't realize it was missing - maybe this is why nothing has shown up yet for tuition? "Account Details" on SIS also tells me I am owing -$500. Can anyone shed light on what could be happening here? Is there a step that I missed? Is anyone else in the same boat? A HUGE thank you in advance! EDIT: I should add that under "Degree Audit" it does say LAW3, J.D. - so I am presumably registered properly in the system at least on some level so far.
  7. Check out Kijiji, they are constantly updating daily and have lots of last-minute options because of this. Also, Point2homes.com is good: https://www.point2homes.com/CA/1-Bedroom-Apartments-For-Rent/ON/Windsor.html Also, Marda Management may have some decent listings: http://www.mardamanagement.com/rentals.html Good luck!
  8. 100% go with the women's shelter reference. That would look great on any app, but especially one for Windsor because of the social justice angle. I would without a doubt go with that reference in your position. Best of luck!
  9. Hey Mods you can delete this if you want, I got through to the admissions office and all is good.
  10. Hey everyone, As I alluded to in the title, I made the COLOSSAL mistake of not paying my non-refundable deposit by the June 1st deadline. I accepted my offer firmly via OLSAS in March, but in the e-mailed acceptance package I received from Windsor it explicitly states that my admission to the program could be revoked if I do not pay by the June 1st deadline - which, technically I did not (though it has been paid now - 2 days late on Sunday). I've e-mailed Windsor and tried calling them, got through to the Associate Dean's office, but then bounced back to the main University and disconnected. Associate Dean's office said they don't handle this type of issue, that some other department makes these decisions. Will be calling them back and trying to get through to the right people. In the meantime, I'm wondering has anyone had any experience with this - do you think there's a legitimate chance my admission will be revoked because of this late payment, despite my firm acceptance back in March? I'd like to hope that they would at least reach out to me before revoking my admission, but I really have no idea how it works. I will have a nuclear meltdown if I get booted from the program, considering I also rejected offers from 3 other schools for Windsor. I wonder if I DO get booted from Windsor and I explain my case to any of those other law departments at other schools if they would consider re-offering admission? I am grasping at absolute straws here... Thank you in advance for any advice or guidance.
  11. Accepted today. cGPA - 3.43 B2 - 3.65 LSAT - 158 Minor sask connection (cousin born and raised there) *Mature student Will be declining for Ontario school. Good luck everyone!
  12. Going to Windsor, Scotia offered me 125K at prime plus 0.5%, asked for prime plus 0%, ended up getting it
  13. Just declined my offer and opened up a spot. Good luck to you fine people!
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