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  1. It's not a question of whether you'll get accepted, but whether you have the mental fortitude to live in London for 3 years. Remember, that's London, ONTARIO nothing like the wonderful London, Arkansas- a common, but fatal misconception.
  2. Seems like a December/ January admit; people with similar B2's and LSAT's got in quite early.
  3. When did you complete your application?
  4. do they take summer courses into account? I contacted UofT and they told me that summer grades (taken May-August) are not counted as part of B3/ in any GPA calculations- is this the same for other Ontario schools?
  5. Just called my mom and told her I'm in the queue. I'm LITERALLY in tears! T E A R S!
  6. Enjoy your brand new MerCeDEs on your bAy StReEt job post-oSgOoDe.
  7. I was only considering US-side tuition costs in this case- about 42k per year for 2 years. Not including housing/ etc. But yes, good thought WindsorHopeful
  8. Would you do it? Any current students who can give an input? Detroit Mercy/ Windsor or Houston Law Center/ Calgary
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