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  1. Has anybody heard back from any of the ONSC courts other than divisional?
  2. Does anybody have any indication of when ONSC offers will be made?
  3. I think SCC are done and FCA just started. Anybody hear back from FC yet?
  4. Any offers from FC yet?
  5. Is anybody able to offer insight into what interviews for the ONSC look like/ how to prepare? (specifically Newmarket and London)
  6. It was a direct response to my thank you email and just said they would be inviting me to an in house interview and that I would be hearing from their HR advisor on call day
  7. Got an ITC email from the DOJ the day after my OCI
  8. they sent out ITCs today it seems so maybe they did get that date wrong!
  9. Anybody from western get an ITC from Hicks yet?
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