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  1. If other applicants received offers with the same July 13 deadline, admissions should send out another wave of offers once they receive acceptances or declines. Therefore, we have an idea of when we'll hear back (i.e. next week). I don't know how I have any optimism left this far into the cycle....
  2. Were you on the waitlist? Were you checking your status?
  3. What an insensitive statement to make to applicants who have been waiting for a response since November. "Don't get your hopes up"... actual BS
  4. April 11 for me. Would've been nice to get in before they extended the application due date...
  5. This is insane. Complete disregard for the time and well-being of applicants.
  6. Was just wondering if anyone submitted a resume as part of their application. I don't see it as a requirement for the schools I'm applying to, but it it a good idea? I feel like I've already discussed everything that's on it throughout my application package.
  7. When you're filling out your verifiers on OLSAS, there is a section at the very bottom that says "Comments: Please provide additional information." Is this section meant for a continuation of the description of your extra curricular or is it additional information about the verifier? Thanks
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