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  1. I got a call this morning! ~3.85 gpa w/drops 166 lsat I submitted my application on November 29th and it was forwarded to review mid December.
  2. I'm not a law student yet so take what i say with a grain of salt. But, i've heard typing speed is very important for law school exams, particularly for issue spotting exams because you can simply cover more issues in the allotted time. So if you think your typing speed is on the low end i'd recommend doing a typing course to get yourself better prepared.
  3. Hey, I was wondering what kind of law school grades someone would need to have to be competitive for jobs in downtown Vancouver. Also, does the grades requirement vary from school to school? I'm assuming there isn't much a difference between lets say UVIC and UBC if you're comparing law school grades, but would someone who went to U of M need to be significantly higher in their class than someone from UBC? I'm interested in corporate law, but for the sake of this thread lets just assume a law job in a downtown firm, unless the requirements vary depending on the type of law someone wants to practice. Any insight would be appreciated. Note: I'm not a law student so I understand this is kind of premature, but i'll be applying next fall and am curious about what kind of grades I will need to work in Vancouver.
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