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  1. livingandlaughing

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    I received the green circle last Friday, very pleased with the short turnaround.
  2. livingandlaughing

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Got the email this morning! L20: 3.75 CGPA: 3.3 LSAT: 160 ECs: Varsity athlete, national team member.
  3. livingandlaughing

    Application Status

  4. livingandlaughing

    Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Got accepted last Friday, GPA 3.75 LSAT 160
  5. livingandlaughing

    Application Question

    Your new assumptions are correct
  6. livingandlaughing

    Chances Cgpa 3.3 L20 3.73 LSAT 160

    My ECs are all athletics based: team captain of the varsity wrestling team, multiple time national medalist, member of the Canadian national team, held various coaching positions for youth teams. Thanks for any input.