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  1. The only b2 or l2 schools in Ontario are western and queen's, tho they still consider cgpa. U of T is b3, Oz is cgpa, Ottawa is cgpa, Windsor nobody knows, and Lakehead idk I didn't apply there
  2. You have a very good shot as Osgoode. Toronto may be a bit more a stretch, but I think your chances there are still decent.
  3. Lol. Probably so. I had a 3.55/4 GPA when I applied to Manitoba last month. On their 4.5 scale with drops, it was 4.02.
  4. Manitoba uses a 4.5 scale, so assuming OP's 3.15 is out of 4, he/she may have a chance once they convert
  5. Also very curious. I know that Queen's used to be the go to place for crim, but a lot of people on this forum have said that they're shifting toward a more corporate focus.
  6. 1) it's the weekend and 2) it's a holiday weekend. They will be updated eventually. Patience.
  7. Pretty good chances for Queen's and Western. Osgoode maybe. Not sure about Dal.
  8. I'm with Harvey on this one. I'm leaving all my apps open. Sure, I'll decline the schools as soon as they offer me (already declined 2), but considering I spent $100 per school, I at least expect an answer.
  9. Toronto doesn't look at letters. But I agree, you have a very good chance! Congrats on the huge score increases!
  10. I think you have an okay shot - your GPA will somewhat make up for your LSAT. That said, I'd still rewrite. Even a few points can help you tremendously. This is from the Queen's website: Competitive applicants should have at least an “A-” average (GPA 3.7) in their best two years of their undergraduate degree program at a full course load along with an LSAT score of at least 157.
  11. U of T might be a stretch. You are likely okay for all the others though.
  12. I got into osgoode a couple weeks ago with a GPA of 3.55 and LSAT 155 163
  13. Does anyone have any experience with the Quad? Looks pretty nice online
  14. Windsor's homepage also says: We seek out applicants who have traditionally been barred from higher law study to ensure that Canada’s many communities has access to legal professionals, and that Canada’s diverse and varied society can be served from a variety of perspectives. So yeah, it's no surprise that a 4.0 and a 173 got rejected , as that's not a candidate who will be barred from higher law study.
  15. Well yeah because that's Windsor. Windsor won't accept those types of candidates because they know those people won't be going to Windsor - they'll be going to UBC, U of T, or T14 in the states. Windsor is also impossible to predict given their holistic review policy.
  16. Anyone else not see the offer on OLSAS yet? I got the email last Wednesday. Other people said it popped up on OLSAS within a day or 2, but it's been 5 for me. Should I be concerned?
  17. You can request either a 1 bedroom or bachelor right? Like we do have some say? And also, can you pick your floor? Thanks in advance!
  18. Just declined my offer. Hope this helps someone else!
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