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  1. For Windsor, they would simply iclude both courses in the GPA calculation. I retook a course and both were counted in my GPA on OLSAS
  2. Yeah I figured it may not be the best idea, but considering what this guy is doing (in a law school group nonetheless), I felt he deserved to be put on blast
  3. Someone got in with a much lower GPA and a 154. I wouldn't say no chance, but yeah, it's pretty slim. Good luck on your retake.
  4. Yep! Osgoode Hall Law School - Class of 2021
  5. There's no where to put it. Throw it in your statement if you think it needs to be known
  6. Literally doesn't matter at all. Not sure why people even ask.
  7. LSAT is good. GPA is too low. Hopefully you have a better L2 or B2?
  8. I'm also super interested in criminal and there were a few posts a couple days ago that suggested osgoode is actually far better for criminal now
  9. I'm sorry but if GPA isn't representative of intelligence or work ethic, what in the world is it measuring?
  10. Mine took about a week to pop up on OLSAS so don't worry!
  11. Not sure this is accurate. I'm pretty sure all Ontario schools use the OLSAS scale. Why wouldn't Queen's? Edit - On the Queen's site it says competitive applicants should have at least an A- average (3.7). An A- is a 3.7 on the 4.0 scale. An A- is a 3.67 on a 4.33 scale.
  12. Yes they are holistic. I'm not saying you have no shot, hope it didn't come across that way. Your GPA is unreal so you do have a reasonable chance! Good luck!
  13. Just got the email! 3.55 cGPA 3.84 L2/B2 163 LSAT
  14. Good chance eventually. I got in last month with a 3.55, 3.84, and 163.
  15. I got the email today also but they posted my GPA a while ago.
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