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  1. Yes I noticed your reply after I had posted mine. There must have been something exceptional about them. Either way, you never know. Hopefully you get in somewhere
  2. 25%. There were 32 applicants last year that had an LSAT between 151-154 and a Manitoba GPA between 4 and 4.5. 8 received offers.
  3. you do not need that much time. you will burn out and use up all the useful PTs
  4. Would Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman be more appropriate?
  5. Yeah I've seen this a couple times. It's a weird one. But yes, that seems to be the best way to approach it. Find the flaw in the stimulus, then figure out which AC makes that same flaw.
  6. For someone who wants to do criminal, if I don't get selected for the criminal intensive, how detrimental would that be? Edit - will be attending osgoode. Don't think I have the numbers for Toronto
  7. They look average if not above average. Don't worry.
  8. Don't do full lengths every day. You will burn out so quickly.
  9. Windsor is very hard to predict, but with an okay LSAT score and your work/volunteer experience, you could be okay. For Western I would say you will need a 165 at the bare minimum to overcome that GPA and L2, but probably even higher.
  10. What is your L2? I assume you'll be applying for 2019 entry?
  11. It's always tough to predict splitters. That said, your LSAT is stellar. Hopefully it works out for you.
  12. It is still very early. The bulk of offers will be from now till like March. Don't worry just yet.
  13. Thanks for doing this! 1) you live on campus... Oz chambers I assume? How is it? 2) what's your course schedule like? 3) I've heard semestered courses feel rushed and cramped vs schools like western who have year long courses. What are your thoughts on that? 4) how well did your undergrad study methods transfer to 1L?
  14. Differs by school. Osgoode apparently updates in the morning (and I got my email super early). Western was like midday and so was Queen's. Windsor was early morning.
  15. June 2017! I was referred to the admissions committee sometime in December
  16. Just got the email. 3.55 cGPA (3.61 after fall 2017 but I don't know if they have my transcript yet). 163. Pretty solid ECs and decent responses to those questions.
  17. You don't have to do anything. OLSAS will send it to the schools.
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