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  1. Whatever year you're actually in, no, a bad 1st year won't rule you out (provided you bring it up). I had a 3.0 in first year but a 3.75 in 2nd year, a 3.93 in third year, and a 3.98 last semester. I have several acceptances to date. Just buckle down, and as the poster above me said, drop some of those clubs and spend time on your GPA (which is WAY more important than ECs). Edit - Sorry if this sounds like a humblebrag. Wasn't my intention.
  2. Every year, I've taken my mandatory business courses, and my electives have all been 1st year courses. I have several acceptances to date. Don't worry.
  3. Probably posted his/her PT average of 160 and got a 150 on the real deal. Or one of them was a typo.
  4. Me. I go to undergrad where I'm from so I'm still living with my parents. My brother did the same thing until he went to med school. I'm personally not embarrassed - all my cousins back home are doing the same thing. Maybe it's a cultural thing. My parents have never asked me to chip in for anything. Maybe it's because we're well off. Idk. But I've certainly never taken it for granted and I'm sure when I'm older I'll start repaying them, just as my brother is doing now in terms of taking them out for dinner all the time, treating them to vacations, etc.
  5. The senioritis is real lol. Having already been accepted to all my top choices, I'm finding it very difficult to have the same drive as I did in third year and even last semester. What are y'all doin to stay motivated?!
  6. You'd need around a 170 to have a chance with a 2.8
  7. Kaplan helped me go from a 155 (only self study) to a 163 (self study + kaplan)
  8. Going to the UK is never a good idea.
  9. Well since OLSAS calculates it for each year, I'm sure schools just take the relevant years and then average those
  10. Not great. You are below the cGPA median and the LSAT median. But you never know. Good luck !
  11. I know tons of people in the "law society" at my school. None of them have gotten in anywhere. Neither did any of the past execs I knew.
  12. It should be listed on OLSAS. They also have a page where they show the conversion table.
  13. If you want bay you have a better chance of getting there with queen's
  14. This is common in the US but I've never heard of it being done for law schools here. Let us know how it goes!
  15. Not good unless you get 170+. A 3.4 is still low.
  16. Think you have a good shot. LSAT is right around the median (maybe a couple points below) but your b2 is way above
  17. I plan on working a part time gig, travelling, reading, and gaming. Sounds like a solid 0L summer to me.
  18. Yeah I see what you're saying and it makes sense. My thumbs have always just sort of hovered in the air while I type which I never really noticed until now.
  19. People hit the space bar with their thumbs?! That seems so bizarre to me. I do a lot of the things you do and I type about 90 per minute (based on several trials on that link you posted earlier)
  20. I didn't fill that part out and I got accepted there.
  21. Seems like round 2 included about 5 people. Facebook group is already at the size of what their entering class usually is. I doubt many offers will be made in March.
  22. Who knows. I myself have offers from osgoode queen's Western and Windsor but haven't heard from Ottawa. I guess no one really knows what goes down in the admissions office. Regardless, you have good stats and will almost certainly get an offers from queen's.
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