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  1. Just declined my offer. Hope this helps someone else!
  2. Just declined my offer. Hope this helps someone else!
  3. If you repeat a course, OLSAS will use BOTH grades to calculate your overall GPA.
  4. Ask the profs who you have the strongest relationships with.
  5. Someone please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure you have to send in transcripts for ALL schools that you've attended, not just your best ones. Edit - I'm right. If you log into OLSAS and click Transcripts on the left hand side, the first blurb of text says: "You are required to submit transcripts to OLSAS for each postsecondary institution that you attended".
  6. You're right. You can say you like soccer and not have to worry about talking about anything other than the epl, la liga, or champs league. No ones give a fuck about any other league.
  7. Do you mean finding a job solely with that degree if you choose to forego law school? Or do you mean having that degree + your JD to find a job
  8. If you're dead set on law school, go wherever you think will give you the higher GPA. End of story.
  9. I think arbitrary is the wrong word. The LSAT tests how well you can read dense passages and sort what's important from what's fluff. It tests deductive reasoning abilities. It tests you on your ability to discern a good argument from a flawed one. And so on. These are all skills that, at least to me, seem important during your law school education and in practice as well. In terms of fairness, I don't see how it isn't fair. It provides a way to put everyone on a level playing field. What's not fair is that the majority of schools don't give a shit what your major was. That a 4.0 in a bachelor of breathing and walking is considered more competitive than say a 3.7 in a rigorous degree like engineering. And logically, that makes sense. Figuring out some sort of weighted average to compare differing GPAs from different programs seems highly unrealistic. But it's still bullshit. Same goes for clubs. I myself was extremely fortunate in that I had the means and the time to join clubs and whatnot, so my "softs" were quite excellent. But people in other circumstances simply may not have time for clubs. Maybe they're too busy working when they're not in class, or they had to take care of a sick family member. All in all, there's clearly evidence that the LSAT does correlate, at least somewhat, to success in law school. And more importantly, it's a quantitative factor, which in and of itself means that it can more easily be used to compare 2 candidates. It gives the adcom an additional hard number upon which to compare candidates, and in my opinion, that seems more fair and accurate than assessing applicants without it.
  10. Cool. Thanks. Appreciate the insight
  11. If ones strikes out for Bay during the 2L recruit, is it safe to say their chance of ever getting in is gone?
  12. I'm curious as to what someone would do, if say, they went for all the corporate type classes, but Bay doesn't work out for them (either they change their mind, never get any offers, etc.). What would their options be then?
  13. So? You think they're allowed to publish made up facts? Doubtful. If you find the actual documents with the entire studies, you can see where and how they got their data. Side note - that's a pretty bad source argument... no wonder you're so against the LSAT
  14. https://www.lsac.org/jd/lsat/your-score/law-school-performance "Correlations between LSAT scores and first-year law school grades ranged from .12 to .61 (median is .41). The correlations between UGPA and first-year law school grades ranged from .02 to .50 (median is .27)." I suppose then, that there is still some evidence that undergrad GPA predicts law school performance, but the LSAT does even more so.
  15. Decent read. I appreciate your perspective. However, I do take exception to what I have bolded. Bay Street firms give a shit, as we can see by the # of jobs they give to students from the various schools.
  16. I didn't say it was "easy". I'm just a little surprised I haven't heard back yet!
  17. I'm in the same boat! I'm not gonna accept it but I still wanted the offer lol. I've been accepted to Queen's Western and Oz but haven't heard anything from Ottawa. Super weird.
  18. Prob went to the Caribbean
  19. Just because you clearly got rocked by it, doesn't mean it's a bullshit test. C'mon now.
  20. I don't think that connection will overcome your grades and lsat
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