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  1. It may give you a slight edge, but probably not much. Law schools, for the most part, are a numbers game. Your best bet is to kill the LSAT. That's not to say ECs won't help, but do keep in mind that a good chunk of applicants will likely have equally impressive softs.
  2. Instead of reading for content, read for structure. Finish each paragraph and take a second to think about why it's there. Is it there to provide examples? To illustrate a competing point of view? It's much more important that you know why something is there, not the exact specifics of what it's saying. I also started making margin notes so that if I ever needed to return to the passage, I knew exactly where to go. One of the biggest time wasters IMO is returning to the passage, re-reading, looking for something specific etc. It's all about efficiency.
  3. I really focused on LG and RC because in September I got 8 wrong in LG and 13 wrong in RC. I drilled LG non stop and went -1 on test day in June and RC I changed up my approach entirely and got it down to -6. I also started doing full length PT's with proper timing. For the first prep, I would do a section, take a break, do another section, go eat, etc. so on test day I did a full length test for the first time and it was a big slap in the face. Also, the second time around I didn't have those same test day nerves as I'd already been through it before, and writing at 12:30 in June was a big help compared to 8:30 in September (I'm not a morning person at all).
  4. For Dal I have no idea as I'm not applying there and so I have no knowledge about their application process. For Queen's I will say that your marks are low but your LSAT is very good and hopefully that kind of balances out. Good luck!
  5. I would perhaps double check this with them directly or submit your application sooner rather than later. This is just my interpretation. Same.
  6. Just realized I replied to your thread in the wrong school. Meant this to be a reply to this same question of yours in the Queen's thread.
  7. "OLSAS must receive your online transcript request by the appropriate deadlines to satisfy the transcript deadline requirement." I think it's safe to assume that the 'appropriate deadline' is November 1. Ergo, if you submit to and pay OLSAS by November 1, although your transcripts won't be received by them until a few days later, you are okay. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-transcript/
  8. I copy and pasted from Word and every apostrophe, colon, and semi colon disappeared. Was an absolute nightmare to fix and took me about 8 edits per statement to fix it all. Fun times, although it does forewarn you not to copy and paste. Oops
  9. Do you have to maintain a certain average or just graduate? Currently in 4th year. Just curious.
  10. What is your B2? You're cGPA is significantly below their average but I believe that this year they are shifting to a B2 focus
  11. So when I took in September 2016 I was PTing around 160 but I ended up scoring a 155 (damn computer virus game!). I then retook in June 2017 and was averaging between 162 and 165 so my 163 was around what I was expecting.
  12. Since Western and Queen's are my top 2 choices, this is comforting for me as my cGPA is 3.56 my L2 is 3.84 and my LSAT is 163
  13. Yeah, the new LR and RC sections are significantly harder than old tests so I wouldn't recommend focusing on old PTs. Your safest bet would be from PT 70 onwards. You can use old tests for drilling and stuff like that, but when it comes to full length PTs, play it safe and stick with the newest ones.
  14. You're welcome! And I highly doubt you'll have to pay that $200 fee again. That'd be pretty awful of them to do that. I'm sure it will just be the $100/school.
  15. I think you've already provided the best advice that anyone else here would be able to give you - December is sooner (so less time to study) but your score will be back fairly early in the cycle whereas February gives you more time to study but you will be applying late and thus competing for fewer spots. Only you really know how much prep you need. You stated that you only need improvements in RC, but don't neglect the other sections or you'll potentially lose points there. Furthermore, I do see an issue in that RC is typically regarded as the section that is most difficult to improve upon. It would help to know what you scored and what you're PTing at so we know how many points you need to get up to 170.
  16. Oh wow eh. Good to know! Thank you for correcting me and Abii I apologize for misleading you. Good luck
  17. I think that the general consensus on this forum is that even with a high LSAT, you will not get into Ottawa with a poor cGPA. They seem to be MUCH more focused on grades than the LSAT.
  18. Yeah... just to echo what's already been said, there's literally no point in mentioning it
  19. When did you submit? Your application will be unavailable to view/edit for a couple days after you submit. When it becomes available again, you will have the option to add more programs. You cannot change things like your Sketch and Personal Statements, but you will be able to add more schools/programs. Simply go to "Choices/Offers" and click "Add Program". Don't worry, just wait a couple days before logging back in.
  20. Pretty solid chances everywhere. Congrats on those stats!
  21. If I was you I'd apply elsewhere. You're probably safe at Western and York, and Toronto potentially. But why put all your eggs in one basket ?
  22. Awesome. I'll just send em in now, in January, and in June. Thanks for your responses guys!
  23. Hey thanks for your response. So they don't want a copy when I submit my app on Monday? I was hoping for an early acceptance because my B2 so far (from 2nd and 3rd year) is way above their average and so is my LSAT. It'd be kind of a bummer to have to wait till January to send my marks
  24. Hey all. Currently in 4th year and just want some clarification if anyone knows. The Sask website says: "Two original transcripts must be received by the college directly from each university or college attended. If presently enrolled in classes, applicants must arrange to have the registrar of their university or college forward directly to the Admissions Committee, College of Law, one official transcript of marks up to the end of first term (including results of December examinations). In addition, two official transcripts of final marks must be submitted after the end of second term" Does this mean they want 2 now (for years 1-3), 1 after fall marks and 2 after winter marks? So 5 total? Seems a bit excessive, no?
  25. Currently in fourth year undergrad so I'm not sure what my L2 is yet but I have a strong upward trend from a 3 to a 3.8 a 3.9 (all on OLSAS scale). Applying to Queen's, Western, York, Toronto (no chance here I know but sometimes a hail mary gets caught, right?!), Ottawa, and Windsor. Thanks in advance !
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